Chaos World

The party was forced into a chaos dimension where they discovered some of the people that were replaced in Mindosia and Cheolia. Through their adventures there they discovered that Enaerin was the real Mirabella and that the Mirabella they knew was a creature from the chaos plane.

Ejnar discovered that her father was Deidrick, adviser to the real king of Mindosia.

Kraytol, at long last, found Duke Rezohodo and Quelrun and got to rescue them. Showing his true value they asked for him to stay to assist them in their quest to get everyone back to the prime plane.

Glim was discovered to have been replaced by a chaos creature who is working for the Protectorate, in order to keep it clean from other outside influences.

And some other stuff…

Currently they have come through the portal onto one of the Cheolian islands.



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