Feb 25th Game

The group started the morning by saying goodbye to the halflings and minotaurs until a strange new halfing showed up. Zaire walked up to his old friend Davish Mun. After speaking with them for a couple minutes he informed everyone that one of the minotaurs was not as he seemed. A brief scuffle later, and a dead shapeshifter lie dead at everyone’s feet. A taste test ensued.

Zaire then introduced himself to the rest of the party and indicated that he knew another way through the mountain. Between the two lips of the Devil’s mouth was a hidden path. The party discovered a man being attacked by a couple of demons. Jerrod told them he was a man from Frichosia who dealt in diamonds from this mine that only he knew about. He asked the party to deliver him to his mine. They escorted him over to a large room that sparkled with all of the diamonds embedded into the cave walls. The group deciding that their mission was too important to dally here, left the man unmolested and diamonds alone.

They approached what appeared to be a centaur guarding the way out of the cave. They presented themselves before him and asked if they could just pass through. Jerrod came up from behind them and told them that they could freely pass and for their lack of greed and for their kindness to him when he was in trouble, he awarded the party a diamond of their own.

The party rejoiced at their luck but when they opened the door to the cave they discovered other demons guarding the way out. With skill of arms they won their way through but almost paid a penalty for it. Yablo was quite near death but they fought their way through before he perished.

They resumed the journey back to the orcish camp. They were beset by a pair of lions. Before the group had a chance to react the giant beast tore through Shyrrik. He was conscious soon after but the pain took its toll on him. The group defeated the beasts and prepared camp and lion steaks.



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