Poor old michael finnigan, begin again.

As the last blow lands on Amrit and his body crumbles to dust, silence settles over the battlefield. Out of the ranks of the army behind you comes a half dragon that Aedra and Shyrrik recognize as Kethand. He is flanked by two other members of the Verthican order as well as a female centaur in the black hood and cloak of a Reverand Mother. They assist in healing the group and making sure everyone is safe and secure.

But from the opposing army, taking long strides, is one of the largest men you’ve ever seen. At about 12 feet tall, he dwarfs those around him. He is carrying a jagged long spear and armor the color of midnight. There are two figures in full plate walking with him towards you.

He stops at the edge of the field where you fought Amrit and his voice makes up the distance. ‘Brave warriors. Hopefully this will be a lesson. You barely defeated our mighty leader with five of you. If even one of his generals joined him than you would have been easily defeated. We will honor our lord and leave the battle this day. I will assure you that you have little chance if this war continues. Talk with your leaders. Surrender is a better option for you.’

It is obvious from depth of his voice that he has Ogre blood. ‘Some of you have met with Lord Amrit’s wrath and others our Lady, Mirabella’s. I assure you that nothing will match their combined powers. If you live long enough to meet either of them again, it will likely be as one, united force.’ He holds his spear high, ‘Or you will be lucky and merely die by my hands. It will be quicker.’

He turns to leave…



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