Upon approach of the Jiskadarian border

As the terrain starts changing over to a lightly wooded area, Aedra knows they are approaching the border. The road is leading them ever onward as she feels the anticipation of returning to her homeland again after all these years. It took a while but she began to notice that something isn’t right. Where were all the other travlers?

Far in the distance, the group notices several small buildings along the roadside. As they get closer Shyrrik notices they have a distinct military look to them. When he points this out to Aedra she mentions these buildings were not there a year ago.

Six soldiers mount up on horseback and come out to meet the group. They armor they are wearing seems to be a bit of a mix between traditional Jiskadarian and modern Cheolian military.

Three of the soldiers are obviously elven and well armed. The two men and one woman show little signs of humor. But this doesn’t effect the group quite as much as the other three.

The three others that ride up with the elves have flat, featureless silver faces. A small crease opens in one of them and asks, ‘Who goes there and what business do you have with the Jiskadarian Empire?’



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