When we return

As our adventurers we working their way into the Emperor’s chamber, the Portal-Gate was opened just inside the city walls. The few guards were no match for the onslaught that came through once they got the information as to the party’s whereabouts. The Cheolian capital was unable to be penetrated by the best scrying spells, or advanced teleportation. But once the message stone got into the castle and its whereabouts were confirmed by Shyrrik, a dwarven king, a shapeshifting Gnome, a Queen and an Elven Baron all led their armies into the capital city and took it from the impostor emperor.

Fighting remained heavy in the streets for several days as pockets of shapeshifters were ferreted out and guards loyal to the chaos creatures were defeated. The dwarves, fighting for their promised freedom and their rightful queen, are now a large presence in the capital city. It is reported that there are small riots starting in the surrounding islands but Enarin’s soldiers were dispatched to help.

The party has helped maintain order in the capital while taking time to talk with the leadership to see what is next. With Amrit and Mirabella stealing the Stone of Destiny there are already talks of an attempt to retrieve it. Glim and company are also talking about the need to get back to Mindosia to get rid of the false King and select a new one. The false king has many loyal troops but he seems to believe there are enough people still loyal to the old Mindosia to defeat them. But the elves are still trying to decide if they should trust reports of shapeshifters.

One day Enarin calls you all into the large audience chamber. You realize that they are all discussing Glim’s board of magic he once used to show where the shapeshifters are located. It is much larger, in order to encompass the lands of Cheolia, and you notice the silver is much dimmer. ‘As you can see there are far fewer than in recent days but they are still everywhere.’

Enarin, noticing your approach, stops Glim’s comments with a hand. ‘We will finish discussing this in a moment. Right now I need to do a couple of things.’

Enarin walked down from her throne towards the waiting throng. ‘To all the courtiers and warriors of the land, may I present our heroes.’

There was a loud applause around the room. It takes you aback for a moment. There was little time for fanfare with so much knife work still left in the capital. You had barely any time to think it over, but it hit you all pretty heavily.

As the applause died down Enarin continued to speak. ‘Friends, I cannot tell you the appreciation I have in my heart for restoring my throne to me. I only hope that we can still return to the Chaos plane to extract several of our mutual friends as well as my father. This is his throne that I sit on.’

She extended her arms to the group, ‘I would ask a couple things from you. As a mixture of Mindosian and Cheolian patriots, you have shown how well our two nations can work together. You will walk in both lands and friends.’

She walked over to Aedra, ‘My darling daughter, I would ask that you take the official title of Princess of the 9 Islands and Head diplomat to the lands of Mindosia. There are very few people who would know it as well as you.’

She moved to Shyrrik, ‘Count Shyrrik of Ilan, cousin to my daughter, I ask that you continue on with your fight against injustice. But I ask that you also continue to do it by the side of your cousin and serve as one of her protectors. You have proven yourself a mighty defender of your lands and the lands of Mindosia and I believe there are few that would be able to help as much as you would.’

‘Darling Yablo, I would ask that you stay here with me as captain of my guard and consort to her Highness. Your sword is one of the few things I knew I could rely on in my time of need. Though I was not always honest with you, you still continued to be there. It would be a difficult job and I would understand if you would say no. But your wandering spirit could be used when I need to visit my various kingdoms.’

‘King Hagrox, nobleman and rock of the dwarven people. Your kingdom and people have been scattered. Most are here in the capital city since your lands are now owned by others. We will talk about how to handle this issue but I know there are many opportunities for you and your people. Though you number few, you are still strong. In the meantime I would ask that you also help find the Stone of Destiny. If anyone has a bond with stone, it would be you.’

‘Drixon, I would think you also would like to return to the continent of Mindosia. You are not sure where you belong but I would say you now belong everywhere, instead of nowhere. Your power and magic has been more useful than you would ever guess and I’m sure your friends could still use you.’

‘We believe that the most important thing is to find out what Amrit and the impostor Mirabella are up to. If she was willing to give up an entire kingdom for that stone, it tells me there is something very scary going on. So if the four of you would like to be my official ambassadors to Mindosia than much can be accomplished. There are also a couple people I can send with you to help.’

She walked back to her throne, ‘You will be given time to consider what I have asked. We will talk more tomorrow. Thank you for your work. I hate to ask more of you but as I’m sure you know, a warrior’s job is never done.’

The party is dismissed from the chamber.

You will be brought into a dining room the following day around time for the noon meal. Enarin stand at the end of the table, ‘Sorry I couldn’t allow for questions in general council. I don’t know what ears were in that room. I needed the show for prying eyes. We are safe here. Any questions?’



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