Duke Voragate

Dwarven Leader of Sondassa


Duke Voragate has only had his post for a short time due to the fact that Sondassa is still a new Duchy. His military prowess, honesty and integrity united the disparate races of the West into a new Duchy.

He is a large Dwarven man who gained power as the leader of the army of K. Hadiron. He wields a Dwarven Urgrosh, which he keeps with him at all times. Jokes are told of his propensity to ‘sleep with it’.

D. Voragate’s wife died shortly after he consolidated his power and his only son has recently been kidnapped. It is rumored they were taken by a group of blue worm-like creatures from the region near Cheolia. Officials from that country claim they are the pirate/traders of the area with no affiliation with any government. General consensus is that no ransom has been asked for, yet.


Duke Voragate

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