Female half-elf ranger


Laelia is a female half-elf of forty-something years, an accomplished ranger, and Shyrrik’s better half. They share an identity in having grown up in the mouth of an Iskask valley bordering the nothern lands, and are of similar age and circumstance. Like him, she does not possess a last name, and seems to prefer not to take one on. Second only to Shyrrik in her skill with a bow in any circles they frequent, she is looked upon as a valuable asset and leader to her troop in the Mindosian resistance, where she has risen from an initially tumultuous life into great stature within the military in which she serves in these times of war.

Unlike her counterpart, she retained the blonde hair and emerald eyes of their elven descent, and her ears come to something more of a point as well. Dressing typically for her occupation, it may have flattered her figure if one could navigate between and beneath all of the buckles, straps, pouches, and layers of hide that a ranger commonly donned, her form completely covered up to her collar and out to her fingers. Like Shyrrik, she favored a cloak, but habitually wore it off the back of her shoulders rather than conceal herself within it. She maintains a similar physical condition, her lithe figure hardy from work as a tracker and a soldier. Her face is soft and young-looking, on the brink of womanly maturity but not quite there just yet. Much to the contrast of her partner, she is far more sprightly and often smiles like a wolf with her eyes alight.

Having acted as something of a sister figure for Shyrrik in their younger days, the two of them have grown intimate in their young adulthood. A relationship that cannot be properly termed, they often separate, only to find each other again in the next season. With Shyrrik having been revealed as a baron in waiting and Laelia’s position firm in the Mindosian army, their future is as of yet uncertain.


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