Bow of Accuracy

weapon (ranged)
Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Perception Improved Point Blank Shot
5 +2 Stat Bonus A Weapon: +1
6 True Strike 1/day (Self Only – Move Action)
7 Weapon: +1
8 +2 Perception, Stealth Far Point Blank Shot
9 +2 Stat Bonus A, B Weapon: +1
10 Displacement 1/Day (Self Only)
11 Weapon: +1
12 +2 Perception, Stealth, Search Greater Threat
13 +2 Stat Bonus A, B, C Weapon: +1
14 Arrow Storm 1/day
15 Weapon: +1
16 +2 Perception, Stealth, Search Greater Modifier
17 +2 Stat Bonus B, C Weapon: +1
18 Freedom of Movement 1/day (Self Only – Move Action)
19 Weapon: +1
20 +2 Perception, Stealth, Search Disintegrating Shot

Improved Point Blank Shot: Bonuses for Point Blank Shot increase to +2.

Physical Stat Bonus: The bearer of the bow gains an enhancement bonus to one physical stat (Str, Dex, Con) at the indicated levels. The wielder decides which stat is A, B and C.

Far Point Blank Shot: Wielder of the bow can now gain the benefits of Point Blank Shot if the enemy is within 45 feet.

Greater Threat: The threat range for the bow increases by 1. This adds to, but does not stack with, Improved Critical. For example if the wielder has both the threat range is now an 18-20.

Greater Modifier: The bow now deals x4 damage on a confirmed critical.

Arrow Storm: As a full action, the user may make one attack roll to all enemies within a 20’ radius.

Disintegrating Shot: Once per day the bearer of the bow may fire a bolt that is meant to destroy one’s opponent. This shot takes a full round action but if the arrow strikes it deals 40d6 damage (No Save).


Product of a powerful elven wizard/archer, Gonmurauthean, this bow is known for being a destroyer of men. When it was first used in battle so many orcs were killed that they have given it the name Drinker of Blood.

Given to Shyrrik by Glim Glittergold.

Bow of Accuracy

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