Dagger of the Occult

weapon (melee)
Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Concentration Combat Casting
5 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A Magic Missle 1/day
6 Baleful Transposition 1/day
7 Magic Missle 3/day
8 +2 Concentration, Knowledge: Arcana Fly 1/day
9 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B Defenestrating Sphere 1/day
10 Fly 3/day
11 Defenestrating Sphere 3/day
12 +2 Concentration, Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcraft Teleport 1/day
13 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B, C Chain Lightening 1/day
14 Teleport 3/day
15 Chain Lightening 3/day
16 +2 Concentration, Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcraft Avasculate 1/day
17 +2 Mental Stat Bonus B, C Glass Strike 1/day
18 Avasculate 3/day
19 Time Stop 1/day
20 +2 Concentration, Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcraft True Resurrection 1/Week Self Only

The dagger counts as a Masterwork Dagger. Any additional magic enhancements must be added normally.

Mental Stat Bonus: The bearer of the Dagger gains an enhancement bonus to one mental stat (Int, Wis, Cha) at the indicated levels. The owner decides which stat is A, B and C.

True resurrection: Once per week the Dagger of the Occult can cast True Resurrection on the bearer one minute after their death.


This two pronged dagger has long been an item sought out by the magi crazy enough to search for it. Its origins are unknown but it was believed to have been stolen from a dead civilization that now resides under water in the vast oceans to the east. The magic enhances a mage’s own abilities and changes to meet the needs of its wielder. It is thought that when the right master comes along it will almost speak to them.

Given to Ejnar Sherrod by Madhira.

Dagger of the Occult

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