Kukri of the Desert

weapon (melee)
Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Stealthy Kukri Strike
5 +2 Physical Stat Bonus A Weapon: +1
6 Fireburst 1/day
7 Improved Speed + 5 Weapon: +1
8 +2 Stealthy, Perception Kukri Specialization
9 +2 Physical Stat Bonus A, B Weapon: +1
10 Ring of Blades 1/Day
11 Improved Speed + 5 Weapon: +1
12 +2 Stealthy, Perception, Ride Improved Critical
13 +2 Physical Stat Bonus A, B, C Weapon: +1
14 Chain Lightening 1/day
15 Weapon: +1
16 +2 Stealthy, Perception, Ride Improved Crit Multiplier
17 +2 Physical Stat Bonus B, C Weapon: +1
18 Improved Speed + 5 Shout, Greater 1/day
19 Weapon: +1
20 +2 Stealthy, Perception, Ride Enemy Immolation

Kukri Strike: This weapon is treated as one size category larger.

Physical Stat Bonus: The bearer of the kukri gains an enhancement bonus to one physical stat (Str, Dex, Con) at the indicated levels. The wielder decides which stat is A, B and C.

Spells: At various levels the bearer of the Kukri get spell like abilities. Unless otherwise noted they are a standard action to cast. The DC for any spells will be 10 + 1/2 character level + Con modifier. Each spell, except Ring of Blades, is affected by spell resistance. Caster level = character level.

  • Fireburst: Everyone within 10 feet from the wielder of the kukri takes 5d8 points of damage. They get a reflex save to take half damage.
  • Ring of Blades: As a free action the bearer of this blade can create a ring of kukris encircling him out 5 feet that follows him around. At the beginning of him turn, every creature adjacent to him takes 1d6+10 points of damage. For damage reduction purposes the blades are considered magic, silver and slashing weapons.
  • Chain Lightening: The bearer creates a static electric charge to damage his enemies. The user picks a primary target that takes 1d6 points of electric damage per level (max 20d6). After that the user can hit a number of targets equal to his character level (max 20), all of which must be within 30 feet of the primary target to take half the damage rolled (rounded down). You cannot hit the same creature more than once. Each target gets a reflex save for half damage.
  • Shout, Greater: The bearer can emit an ear splitting scream that damages all creatures in a 60 foot cone for 10d6 sonic damage, stunned for 1 round and 4d6 rounds of deafness. A successfull fortitude save reduces the deafness and damage by half and negates the stunning. Any exposed or brittle objects take double damage with a reflex for half damage.

Kukri Specialization: The wielder gains a +1 Luck bonus to hit and damage with the Kukri.

Improved Critical: The wielder of the Kukri gains the Improved Critical Feat. If they also have the feat the crit modifier improves by 1.

Improved Crit Multiplier: The modifier for the Kukri goes up to x3.

Enemy Immolation: Whenever the Kukri confirms a critical hit, every enemy within 30’ takes 2d6 damage. While it may appear to be fire, there is no resistance to this damage.


The Kukri of the desert was created by Glim Glittergold several years ago and given to a major halfling champion. When the halfling champion was defeated in the recent battle with the Hassaf, Glim found the weapon and gave it to Davish the halfling.

Kukri of the Desert

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