Lash of the Discordant Soul

weapon (melee)
Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Stealth Ability Focus: Negative Energy Burst
5 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A Weapon: +1
6 Quicken Spectral Hand 1/day
7 Weapon: +1
8 +2 Stealth, Concentration Improved Negative Energy Burst
9 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B Weapon: +1
10 Improved Toughness
11 Weapon: +1
12 +2 Stealth, Concentration, Bluff Quicken Spectral Hand 1/day
13 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B, C Weapon: +1
14 Improved Negative Energy Burst
15 Weapon: +1
16 +2 Stealth, Concentration, Bluff Greater Improved Toughness
17 +2 Mental Stat Bonus B, C Weapon: +1
18 Permanent Spectral Hand
19 Weapon: +1
20 +2 Stealth, Concentration, Bluff Phylactery

Mental Stat Bonus: The bearer of the Lash gains an enhancement bonus to one mental stat (Int, Wis, Cha) at the indicated levels. The owner decides which stat is A, B and C.

Ability Focus: Negative Energy Burst: The DC for the necromancer’s Negative Energy Burst ability increases by 2.

Improved Toughness: At 10th level the wielder gets the effects of the Improved Toughness ability as long as she has the Lash. At 16th level the bonus HPs becomes +3 per level.

Quicken Spectral Hand: Once per day the necromancer can quicken the Spectral Hand spell without increasing the spell’s level. At 14th level this becomes 3/day

Improved Negative Energy Burst: The damage for the necromancer’s Negative Energy Burst ability increases by one die. (d6 at 8th and d8 at 14th)

Permanent Spectral Hand: At 18th level, the wielder of the Lash has a Permanent Spectral Hand as if the spell Permancy had been cast on her. The wielder loses 2hp but it is always in effect. If the hand is destroyed it will automatically return 1d4 rounds later on the same square as the lash.

Phylactery: If the wielder of the Lash ever becomes a Lich they may use this as a Phylactery that they don’t need to pay to create. If it is broken it appears one week later in the same spot where it was broken. This can only be truly destroyed with the help of a wish spell.


Lash of the Discordant Soul

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