Morningstar of the Mystic

weapon (melee)
Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Concentration Weapon Focus: Morningstar
5 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A Weapon: +1
6 Close Wounds 1/ day
7 Weapon: +1
8 +2 Concentration, Heal Greater Spell Pool
9 +2 Stat Bonus A, B Weapon: +1
10 Power of the Gods 1/day Shield of Faith, Mass 1/Day
11 Weapon: +1
12 +2 Concentration, Heal, Perception Weapon Specialization: Morningstar
13 +2 Stat Bonus A, B, C Weapon: +1
14 Cometfall 1/day
15 Weapon: +1
16 +2 Concentration, Heal, Perception Heal Over Time
17 +2 Stat Bonus B, C Weapon: +1
18 Holy Star 1/day
19 Weapon: +1
20 +2 Concentration, Heal, Perception Power of the Gods, greater 3/day

Weapon Focus: Morningstar: Bearer of this Morningstar gains this feat while wielding it.

Mental Stat Bonus: The bearer of the Morningstar gains an enhancement bonus to one mental stat (Int, Wis, Cha) at the indicated levels. The wearer decides which stat is A, B and C.

Metamagic Feat: The wielder of the Morningstar gains the use of one metamagic feat of they meet the prereqs for.

Power of the Gods: As a free action the wielder gains the ultimate power of the divine. You gain a + 4 bonus to Str, Dex and Con, increase one size category and a + 4 natural armor bonus. This lasts for one minute. At 20th, the bonus becomes +6 and can be done 3/day.

Weapon Specialization: Morningstar: Bearer of this Morningstar gains this feat while wielding it.

Greater Spell Pool: The wielder of this Morningstar gains an extra point in their spell pool per level.

Heal Over Time: Gives the user the Heal Over Time feat. If the user already has the feat than all points required are lowered by one.


It is said that the morningstar was created when a half dozen minotaur priests fasted and prayed for three straight days. A great storm came from over the mountains and when a lightening bolt struck the middle of the circle, a massive morningstar was born of the earth. The weapon changes sizes to suit its wielder; always an important feature among minotaur warriors.

Given to Kraytol Urbrister by Glim Glittergold.

Morningstar of the Mystic

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