Spirit Guide

Level Ability Ability
4 +2 Concentration Combat Casting
5 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A Aura Against Flame 1/day
6 Phantasmal Assailants 1/day
7 Aura Against Flame 3/day
8 +2 Concentration, Perception Dehydrate 1/day
9 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B Divination 1/day
10 Ghost Spell 3/day
11 Dehydrate 3/day
12 +2 Concentration, Perception, Survival Dinosaur Stampede 1/day
13 +2 Mental Stat Bonus A, B, C Wall of Sand 1/day
14 Dinosaur Stampede 3/day
15 Faster Ghost Spell
16 +2 Concentration, Perception, Survival Aura of Vitality 1/day
17 +2 Mental Stat Bonus B, C Ghost Form 1/day
18 Aura of Vitality 3/day
19 Phantom Bear 1/day
20 +2 Concentration, Perception, Survival Ghost Form

Mental Stat Bonus: The bearer of the Dagger gains an enhancement bonus to one mental stat (Int, Wis, Cha) at the indicated levels. The owner decides which stat is A, B and C.

Ghost Spell: Any spell with a damage descriptor prepared as a ghost spell is fully effective against corporeal and incorporeal opponents. An incorporeal creature struck by a ghost spell suffers the normal damage inflicted by the spell and does not have a 50% change to ignore this damage. When this is added the spell requires a full round action to cast. At 20th level the master can add this ability any number of times per day to his spells.

Faster Ghost Spell: The spirit gives the ability to its master to add the Ghost Spell ability as a normal part of casting.

Ghost Form: At 20th level the spirit allows the bearer to enter the spirit world at any time. As a move action the master can activate or deactive the ‘Ghost Form’ spell.


Spirit Guide

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