In the Orc Village

The party fought outside the orcish garrison until Aedra decided to do the old ‘I have a prisoner and know Mirabella’ trick. He was too convincing, so the orcs went to get Mirabella. She returned and spoke with the group, convincing them to go with her into the camp.

Left alone in a large center building, the party met Madras. He is a dracon spy that was captured in a large orcish city and sent here for interrogation. After healing him up, he told them of a new leader of the orcs, Amrit the Hobgoblin.

Mirabella returned to announce she would let the group go if they fought her champion. But only the men were allowed to take place in this battle. The three women were held out of the ring. The men bested the beast as Mirabella told the three girls that they were her daughters from different fathers.

The group was told they would be allowed to leave in the morning.

Travel to Orc Village

The party traveled via river and mountain pass to a small village of orcs. They were attacked by crocodiles while canoeing down the river, where Shyrrik was almost dragged under. Later the group was attacked by flying monkeys while traveling through the forest.

Three members of the party went off to investigate and left the others a hill nearby with the orc guide. The scouting party was discovered by some guards…

Glim and the Guardians

Last night our adventurers found themselves undecided as to their next move. Glim told them they would be safe among the minotaurs. The party, in an attempt to ferret out a link between the orcs and Cheolia, excepted a mission from Quelrun to infiltrate an orcish village. This village is said to have information about a link between the Lands to the North and Cheolia.

Festival Opening Ceremonies

The party started the festivities in the entourages for their countries within the throne room of the High King. Cheolia was introduced as a prospective member of the Empire of Mindosia. Lady Mirabella, the diplomat of Cheolia, wanted to question several of the other Dukes about the presence of spies in her lands.

Afterwards a great banquet occurred within the castle. The party found itself together in a room when the orc from a previous encounter was seen. Yablo and Davish, the halfling, went after him to see if they could find anything out. A battle ensued leaving the orc dead. Meanwhile the rest of the group was attacked by another group of orcs.

When the encounters ended the guards arrested the group in connection with the murder of, what they found out to be, an orcish diplomat. After a discussion with one of King Sydosi’s advisers the group was told they would be under arrest. Another person would be in to talk with them later.

Glim Glittergold came into the room some time later. He informed the group that they were set to be executed without a trial and the only way out was with him. The group ended up in Glim’s cave home.

Trouble at the Splintered Wood

Aedra, Ejnar, Kraytol and Yablo the Entertainer all found themselves in the same bar, The Splintered Wood, several days before the official start of the festival.

After an encounter and subsequent arrest of an orc, the party discovered a portal in the back room of the pub. They defeated several orc warriors that made it through the portal but wizards from guard closed it up.

Festival of Agron

It is time for the spring Festival of Agron. This is a time of great rejoicing and merriment throughout the land. And thus, heralds wander the countryside announcing that this year the festival will take place in Inalia, the capital of the mighty lands of Frichosia. This is the first meeting of the dukes with the new high king, King Sydosi. All of the great houses are thought to be attending this year to discuss with the king and their respective dukes the issues concerning them over the last couple years. K. Sydosi is said to be planning quite the festivities. The harbours will be full of ships and it is thought there will be fireworks.

The dukes are bringing their entourages with them over great distances:
Duke Anahad is bringing gnomish wizards and dwarven guards to show that Iskast is still a rich and formidable ally.
Duke Rajyras is bringing elven warriors, priests and poets with him to show the masses of the glory of St. Cuthbert.
The great Duke Rezohodo is bringing his mightiest guards from the front lines to show the strength of Undjask is as grand as ever.
Duke Voragate brings with him the many variety of creatures to show that he is truly master of the lands of Sondassa. This is the first time a contingent of halflings will leave their desert to travel to the foreign lands for the festival.

Our characters find themselves entering the massive city, heading towards their quarters. Each duke has a residence within the city walls. They vary in distance from the castle, in the order of time as members of the Kingdom. Sondassa’s house is large and well furnished but quite close to the outside walls. Small tent cities have cropped up around the city proper due to the large number of people attempting to visit the city.

Commerce is bustling and in your time around town you hear the merchants talking with men and women with strange accents. You are told that many of them are from Cheolia. Rumors have already started to spread about their possible desire to join the kingdom. Their manor of dress show them to be from another environment but you also notice that the people of Inalia attempting to emulate their clothes. It also becomes apparent where the custom of dueling stems from. Frichosians did it rarely but with great justification, but it appears as though the Cheolians threaten dueling with the slightest provocation. And their champions are masters with a blade.

The great summit of dukes will commence the day after tomorrow and this is where we will start.


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