When we return

As our adventurers we working their way into the Emperor’s chamber, the Portal-Gate was opened just inside the city walls. The few guards were no match for the onslaught that came through once they got the information as to the party’s whereabouts. The Cheolian capital was unable to be penetrated by the best scrying spells, or advanced teleportation. But once the message stone got into the castle and its whereabouts were confirmed by Shyrrik, a dwarven king, a shapeshifting Gnome, a Queen and an Elven Baron all led their armies into the capital city and took it from the impostor emperor.

Fighting remained heavy in the streets for several days as pockets of shapeshifters were ferreted out and guards loyal to the chaos creatures were defeated. The dwarves, fighting for their promised freedom and their rightful queen, are now a large presence in the capital city. It is reported that there are small riots starting in the surrounding islands but Enarin’s soldiers were dispatched to help.

The party has helped maintain order in the capital while taking time to talk with the leadership to see what is next. With Amrit and Mirabella stealing the Stone of Destiny there are already talks of an attempt to retrieve it. Glim and company are also talking about the need to get back to Mindosia to get rid of the false King and select a new one. The false king has many loyal troops but he seems to believe there are enough people still loyal to the old Mindosia to defeat them. But the elves are still trying to decide if they should trust reports of shapeshifters.

One day Enarin calls you all into the large audience chamber. You realize that they are all discussing Glim’s board of magic he once used to show where the shapeshifters are located. It is much larger, in order to encompass the lands of Cheolia, and you notice the silver is much dimmer. ‘As you can see there are far fewer than in recent days but they are still everywhere.’

Enarin, noticing your approach, stops Glim’s comments with a hand. ‘We will finish discussing this in a moment. Right now I need to do a couple of things.’

Enarin walked down from her throne towards the waiting throng. ‘To all the courtiers and warriors of the land, may I present our heroes.’

There was a loud applause around the room. It takes you aback for a moment. There was little time for fanfare with so much knife work still left in the capital. You had barely any time to think it over, but it hit you all pretty heavily.

As the applause died down Enarin continued to speak. ‘Friends, I cannot tell you the appreciation I have in my heart for restoring my throne to me. I only hope that we can still return to the Chaos plane to extract several of our mutual friends as well as my father. This is his throne that I sit on.’

She extended her arms to the group, ‘I would ask a couple things from you. As a mixture of Mindosian and Cheolian patriots, you have shown how well our two nations can work together. You will walk in both lands and friends.’

She walked over to Aedra, ‘My darling daughter, I would ask that you take the official title of Princess of the 9 Islands and Head diplomat to the lands of Mindosia. There are very few people who would know it as well as you.’

She moved to Shyrrik, ‘Count Shyrrik of Ilan, cousin to my daughter, I ask that you continue on with your fight against injustice. But I ask that you also continue to do it by the side of your cousin and serve as one of her protectors. You have proven yourself a mighty defender of your lands and the lands of Mindosia and I believe there are few that would be able to help as much as you would.’

‘Darling Yablo, I would ask that you stay here with me as captain of my guard and consort to her Highness. Your sword is one of the few things I knew I could rely on in my time of need. Though I was not always honest with you, you still continued to be there. It would be a difficult job and I would understand if you would say no. But your wandering spirit could be used when I need to visit my various kingdoms.’

‘King Hagrox, nobleman and rock of the dwarven people. Your kingdom and people have been scattered. Most are here in the capital city since your lands are now owned by others. We will talk about how to handle this issue but I know there are many opportunities for you and your people. Though you number few, you are still strong. In the meantime I would ask that you also help find the Stone of Destiny. If anyone has a bond with stone, it would be you.’

‘Drixon, I would think you also would like to return to the continent of Mindosia. You are not sure where you belong but I would say you now belong everywhere, instead of nowhere. Your power and magic has been more useful than you would ever guess and I’m sure your friends could still use you.’

‘We believe that the most important thing is to find out what Amrit and the impostor Mirabella are up to. If she was willing to give up an entire kingdom for that stone, it tells me there is something very scary going on. So if the four of you would like to be my official ambassadors to Mindosia than much can be accomplished. There are also a couple people I can send with you to help.’

She walked back to her throne, ‘You will be given time to consider what I have asked. We will talk more tomorrow. Thank you for your work. I hate to ask more of you but as I’m sure you know, a warrior’s job is never done.’

The party is dismissed from the chamber.

You will be brought into a dining room the following day around time for the noon meal. Enarin stand at the end of the table, ‘Sorry I couldn’t allow for questions in general council. I don’t know what ears were in that room. I needed the show for prying eyes. We are safe here. Any questions?’

Cheolian Revolution

The group managed to take control of the Cheolian capital through the defeat of the false emperor. Ejnar Sherrod, Amrit and Mirabella escaped riding a dragon that was carrying the Stone of Destiny.

Prison Secured

Our adventurers fought to secure the prison as a base for the dwarven rebellion. The prisoners have been rescued and the battle won. But the escape of Mirabella has thrown an aura of insecurity over our intrepid group. What will happen once they realize that all is not done yet in the prison…

Chaos World

The party was forced into a chaos dimension where they discovered some of the people that were replaced in Mindosia and Cheolia. Through their adventures there they discovered that Enaerin was the real Mirabella and that the Mirabella they knew was a creature from the chaos plane.

Ejnar discovered that her father was Deidrick, adviser to the real king of Mindosia.

Kraytol, at long last, found Duke Rezohodo and Quelrun and got to rescue them. Showing his true value they asked for him to stay to assist them in their quest to get everyone back to the prime plane.

Glim was discovered to have been replaced by a chaos creature who is working for the Protectorate, in order to keep it clean from other outside influences.

And some other stuff…

Currently they have come through the portal onto one of the Cheolian islands.


Kraytol picked up the journal. Since his mind had grown a bit fuzzier over the intervening weeks, he passed it over to Aedra to be read. She opened it to the last page, looked about and then read it to the group.
‘The smell of sweat is all around me. I’ve been on this boat for over a week now and all I feel is contempt and sorrow for the poor suckers around me. There are only a few that seem to rise above all the rocking and mindless chores we are forced into. There is a man here with so much bravura that he insults his captors even as they would lash his back. No man denies he has the heart of a lion but even I notice a bit of melancholia when he plays his ocarina. He travels with the largest creature I’ve ever seen with the ability to talk. I’ve heard of minotaurs but I’ve never seen one up close. After getting kicked to the ground by one of the guards he picked me up like a child who tripped, grabbed the whip the guard had and scolded him. But then gave the whip back. He is a simpleton, but a friendly and generous one.
I’m assuming they were a part of a band of robbers because they also spend a lot of time around a man who stares out to sea when his isn’t working, an elf with a haughtiness like nothing I’ve ever seen and a girl who spends most of her time making funny motions with her hands, to no avail. Though slightly more dejected by the situation, even they were held in better spirits than most of the group. I think having the bull with them helped. They didn’t need to worry as much about being cut in the night.
I watch them and wonder what I can do to befriend them. Perhaps since I am innocent they will take pity on me. The place we are going is supposed to be quite harsh. We shall see.’
Aedra placed the journal back on the body of the young man about to be thrown overboard.
Another man who had been listening eyed the body greedily. ‘Poor bastard, he didn’t even make it that far. I wonder if anyone has claimed his shoes. They look…’
At that, Kraytol tossed him into the ocean, ‘Mean man go first.’ Even though he knew the lash would come again, he smiled. Helping was its own reward.

After your arrest:
The party was taken to a windowless prison were you were all stripped of all your magic items and forced into the rags of beggars. The clothes were dirty and reeked of unwashed bodies and the stains were obviously a combination of human waste and dried blood. The following morning you are walked out to the public square with about fifty other men and women where the king declared you all guilty of your respective crimes. He didn’t even bother to read the charges listed when he sentenced you all to forced labor at the hands of the Cheolians. The sham was helped by the voices of the accused being silenced by a spell.
By mid-afternoon you were on board a large ship. There were several large, blue, wormlike creatures with four arms in charge of a mostly human boat crew. A couple of orcs and half orcs were there and all carried whips and short swords. After taking the time to look around, you noticed that there were 58 prisoners and cubbies for about 10 people. They picked out the people for the room with the small sleeping cubbies, henceforth referred to as ‘The Room’ and the rest of you were sent into the cargo hold for the other cattle.
Yablo found himself next to a porthole and looked out. He saw Mirabella making her way to another vessel when she looked over. She quickly looked away but not before he saw a mournful look on her face. He found it odd that she was walking with two women dressed in black traveling gear. They were watching her very intently and looked over towards Yablo. He moved his face as fast as he could. When he looked back he saw the women talk to a man at the other ship and made their way towards the slave ship. They boarded shortly before it left port.
The ship had surprisingly few crew members for a ship this size. Once you realized the difference in the worm creatures you learned to distinguish the three of them. There was the father, Vork who was a relentless task master, the elder son, Markon, who cared for nothing but ale and let his underlings do the work and finally the younger son who was merely there occasionally wandering around the ship. The two women that Yablo noticed were obviously considered dignitaries of some sort. They didn’t do any of the work and often bossed around Vork and his sons. The worms flashed looks of venom but didn’t raise a hand to do anything about it.
Otherwise there were the two half orcs, who were treated with some scorn, one orc who was the steersman, and six humans that mostly supervised the prisoners, who did most of the normal ship duties.
The party spent most of their time among the other prisoners but communication was frowned upon. Most of the party talked as they could to raise their spirits as much as possible but Aedra did a lot of time digging and found that most of the prisoners were there because they spoke out against the current king or his friends in Cheolia. It was a ship full of political prisoners.
Rumors started spreading about where you were all heading. Fear became a natural part of the trip amongst the rest of the people. One man got it in his head to lead a mutiny. Three men overpowered the guard on a late night duty when everything exploded into violence. It appeared the short swords the guards carried were spelled in some way, as the man who grabbed it first found it sticking out of his stomach.
The two women came out of their room at first hint of a problem and quickly dispatched anyone that came near them. They did what they could to keep from killing them, leaving a trail of broken bones on their way to the men who started the fight. The three worms came out shortly after to subdue the uprising and were far less concerned with everyone’s survival. The first guard may have been killed in the process but after ten of prisoners were left with broken body parts and twelve others killed, it was evident that the captors had the upper hand. Since it was your turn in ‘The Room’ you could not get out as the ‘Room’ was locked all night. You all watched from the small windows and could do nothing about it.
Instead of being given time to recuperate, the ten injured prisoners were forced to do more work than before. Occasionally you’d help them as you could but if you were found helping you got just as much punishment as they did. The 46 prisoners remaining were even more disheartened. Shyrrik withdrew into himself once again.
Over the next couple of weeks quite a few prisoners died of various things. Malnutrition, accidents and occasionally knives were normal occurrences and when you all finally saw the island you were heading towards there were only 28 of you left.
One other thing you noticed during your crossing that you found odd. Your minds started getting a bit fuzzier. Thoughts became more difficult to hold into your heads and you found yourself more willing to just go along with your orders. But your bodies were also getting leaner and more athletic as you went along. All the hard work was doing something for you.
The boat was sitting near the island for two days when four smaller ships came from the river mouth towards the boat. The prisoners were loaded up and taken towards the island. The island was a mass of jungles with a large volcano in the middle. The river led you straight up to, and into the volcano. You saw many people chipping away at the walls and the occasional glitter of something shiny in the carts that passed by everyone.
You were all deposited in a cave that had no right being as bright as it was. After looking around you saw a Dracon in a cage above a pit of lava. He was on the verge of passing out but holding on out of sheer will power. A sign over the cage read, ‘This is what happens to dissenters’.
An odd creature flew down from above. His lower half was that of four legged eagle like creature and the top half of a small man wearing a red hat. He was only about four and a half feet tall but the sneer that revealed sharpened teeth put everyone on edge.
‘Welcome to my home. You will do what I say, when I say it. You will mine until you have no life left in your body. You will give me what I am tasked to get and you will do it willingly. There are only two rules here: get me my stones and stay alive and one day you may be set free. If you don’t you may suffer what my friend Kethand is dealing with.’ He looks at everyone there, ‘or worse.’
‘Give them their picks and get them started. We wasted enough time today going to get them. They will have to make up for any losses.’
Weeks have passed and you are slaving away. This is where you will start…

Here are the adjustments based on your time in the Slave Mines.

Feb 25th Game

The group started the morning by saying goodbye to the halflings and minotaurs until a strange new halfing showed up. Zaire walked up to his old friend Davish Mun. After speaking with them for a couple minutes he informed everyone that one of the minotaurs was not as he seemed. A brief scuffle later, and a dead shapeshifter lie dead at everyone’s feet. A taste test ensued.

Zaire then introduced himself to the rest of the party and indicated that he knew another way through the mountain. Between the two lips of the Devil’s mouth was a hidden path. The party discovered a man being attacked by a couple of demons. Jerrod told them he was a man from Frichosia who dealt in diamonds from this mine that only he knew about. He asked the party to deliver him to his mine. They escorted him over to a large room that sparkled with all of the diamonds embedded into the cave walls. The group deciding that their mission was too important to dally here, left the man unmolested and diamonds alone.

They approached what appeared to be a centaur guarding the way out of the cave. They presented themselves before him and asked if they could just pass through. Jerrod came up from behind them and told them that they could freely pass and for their lack of greed and for their kindness to him when he was in trouble, he awarded the party a diamond of their own.

The party rejoiced at their luck but when they opened the door to the cave they discovered other demons guarding the way out. With skill of arms they won their way through but almost paid a penalty for it. Yablo was quite near death but they fought their way through before he perished.

They resumed the journey back to the orcish camp. They were beset by a pair of lions. Before the group had a chance to react the giant beast tore through Shyrrik. He was conscious soon after but the pain took its toll on him. The group defeated the beasts and prepared camp and lion steaks.

Escape through the portal

The group left the orcish town following Kraytol’s ‘white horse with horns’. It lead them up a mountain into a cave. After several battles with orcish guards, they found the portal. There was a bronze automation there brandishing dual rapiers. The party worked together to dispatch the creature as Kraytol activated the portal, sending them to Kachochan.

In the Orc Village

The party fought outside the orcish garrison until Aedra decided to do the old ‘I have a prisoner and know Mirabella’ trick. He was too convincing, so the orcs went to get Mirabella. She returned and spoke with the group, convincing them to go with her into the camp.

Left alone in a large center building, the party met Madras. He is a dracon spy that was captured in a large orcish city and sent here for interrogation. After healing him up, he told them of a new leader of the orcs, Amrit the Hobgoblin.

Mirabella returned to announce she would let the group go if they fought her champion. But only the men were allowed to take place in this battle. The three women were held out of the ring. The men bested the beast as Mirabella told the three girls that they were her daughters from different fathers.

The group was told they would be allowed to leave in the morning.

Travel to Orc Village

The party traveled via river and mountain pass to a small village of orcs. They were attacked by crocodiles while canoeing down the river, where Shyrrik was almost dragged under. Later the group was attacked by flying monkeys while traveling through the forest.

Three members of the party went off to investigate and left the others a hill nearby with the orc guide. The scouting party was discovered by some guards…

Glim and the Guardians

Last night our adventurers found themselves undecided as to their next move. Glim told them they would be safe among the minotaurs. The party, in an attempt to ferret out a link between the orcs and Cheolia, excepted a mission from Quelrun to infiltrate an orcish village. This village is said to have information about a link between the Lands to the North and Cheolia.


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