The Chimp-manzees are a race of creatures that are just one step up from monkeys on the evolutionary ladder. They are small, tree dwelling beings that populate a small island in the country of Cheolia. They have recently been enslaved on that island to mine the stones found in the volcano located in the center of the island. Within the caves used to be a shrine to their deity, the Great Mother.

Racial Traits:

Small (+1 to hit and AC, -4 grapple, +2 Stealth checks)

+2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha

+1 Natural Armor

Climb speed = to base speed. +8 to climb checks

They do not use metal of any kind since it does not exist on their island. They tend to use wood or bone from defeated enemies or mighty ancestors.

They never developed the use of arcane magic. They may be taught, but it takes a bit of work. See Racial Feats.

All Chimp-manzees are proficient in the Monkey Claw, an exotic weapon. Since part of the evolutionary process caused them to lose their natural claws they have developed claw-like weapons used for combat. They can spring into action allowing them to be used as a melee and a small range missile.
Melee: 1d4 damage x3 crit modifier
Thrown: small rocks or sharpened tree bark can be projected from the springing action, dealing the same damage as melee but it has a 10’ range increment.

Favored class: Scout, Priest

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