Frichosia is as equal in power as Iskast due to it being the primary port area for external trade. The current head: is known for being a tough but fair individual. It is a ship building land full of strange people and traders.

The predominate race in Frichosia is Human. They far outnumber any of the other races but there are some Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes that have traveled there from their homeland in search of adventure. Many work aboard ships to travel outside of Mindosia.

Currently one of the chief kingdoms that Frichosia has started trading with is Cheolia. The island nation to the southeast is still mostly an unknown nation but it is said that they have a product to keep people alive longer than usual. Since Humans are known for their short lives, they are particularly interested in this new product. Wizards have been studying it for the last couple years hoping to unearth its properties.

The Duke of Frichosia has absolute power in his region. The only group that has come close is the holy men of St. Cuthbert. They have recently been gaining strength and a new concept of honor is appearing in the streets as a result. The art of dueling is becoming a mainstay in the cities and it is said that any man may call out another for duel. While in the truest sense this is true, a commoner cannot directly call out a nobleman. The nobleman may select a champion to defend his honor. Only people of the same class may require a noble defend himself.

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