I will start with the land of Iskast, land of my birth. Currently ruled by high king: Ex-King Hadiron It is known for its diamond mines and great expanse of land. It is one of the wealthiest Duchies in Mindosia. Our Duke and King is much love here as well as all the lands of Mindosia. It occupies the greatest land area and was one of the original nations to join. Here are a few high points.

The land is predominately populated with Nomadic Dwarves and large families of Gnomes. Though the numbers of Dwarves are dropping as they are starting to join one of their own in the land of Sondassa, they are still quite numerous. It is also likely to find some Humans, Minotaurs and men of goblinoid heritage. ( Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins and Half-Orcs) After generations some of those goblinoids have also managed to gain freedom and power as government officials.

Iskat’s Government is a council of elders. These men do much of the day to day work of the Duchy so that the duke can be freed to run the military and commerce among the other Duchies. This balance of power allows the duke to travel on diplomatic missions quite often. He and his entourage travel to inspect the mines, see the people and talk to other leaders in the other Duchies. While the council is known to be rather autonomous, they are still beholden to the Duke in all things. The Gnomes and Dwarves that are usually in power honor age and wisdom.

-Glim Glittergold

Author’s note: The Kingship was lost when the king perished. The king’s son was selected as the new Duke but Frichosia showed themselves to be the dominate power and regained the thrown. Many in Iskast blame the lack of experience of the former king’s son as well as him generally demure personality.

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