A hand reaches over to the bookshelf to grab an old tome. The cover read: A Brief History of Mindosia: Volume 1 by Glim Glittergold.

A bit about the author: Mindosia is a land that is as varied as it large. This author should know, he has traveled quite extensively throughout the world and I will always call Mindosia home. I was born under the reign of the Undjaskian King, Ferdinand the Bull Headed. While obviously a play on the fact that he was indeed a Minotaur, he also was quite stubborn. But more on that later. I spent the greater part of my life in the lands of my people, Iskast. Our current king is one of the most beloved in recent history, King Hadrion and I am honored to be one of his subjects. By request of my King, I am currently serving under Duke Voragate of Sondassa.

Mindosia started when two rival kingdoms fell under attack by a mutual force of lizard like creatures from the desert to the west. A shell of what they would later become, Iskast and Frichosia joined forces to combat their common foe. Throughout this mighty campaign it was realized that an army of elves were fighting the same demon like creatures. Jiskadar also joined and the three nations dispatched their enemies.

At the resolution of the war the three kingdoms decided to join under one nation as three separate states. They were each allowed to govern their lands as they saw fit with a High King selected among them to serve in times of war and to help regulate commerce.

When Orcs started to encroach from the North, the kingdom of Mindosia discovered another, rather unlikely, ally in the Minotaur clans that resided in the mountains. The Minotaurs were promised dominion over certain mountain regions and some of the land directly south of it if they would join. Most of the land was unused at the time, so both parties found it mutually beneficial. The Land of Undjask joined Mindosia and was afforded the same rights and privileges as the other three nations.

The four nations existed in relative peace and prosperity for quite some time. Changes were made to accommodate the needs of the people. An official noble class came into existence with formal titles laid out for important men. King status was changed to Duke and High King to King. Duchies were further broken up into Baronies for better administration.

While King Ferdinand was in power, the Orc encroachment started anew. K. Ferdinand was not known to be a wonderful diplomat so war quickly broke out. The Unending War had begun and continues to this day.

In the midst of this, the Minotaurs discovered a tribe of lizard like people that inhabited the hills to the west of their mountain cities. They had also encountered the creatures of the desert, now of legend, in old times and, confusing them with those creatures, the Minotaurs attacked. The Dracons retaliated in kind. And after a short and bloody war, there was a negotiated truce. The Dracons were not nearly as many in number and were it not for the Unending War they would have surely been destroyed. But their strength must not be misunderstood for they did fight the Minotaurs to a stalemate.

It was during the negotiations for peace with the Dracons that K. Hadiron sent his finest general over to the lands to the west to bring the people under the rule of Mindosia. The lands were originally going to stretch to the desert’s edge and be divided among three of the kingdoms. Future Duke Vorgate took such a strong hand of the region it was quickly unified. There were quite a few battles, but Vorgate’s prowess became modern myths. He was one of the few generals to lead his men in combat. He was a product of the Dwarven nomads but with the refinement of years at court. His tongue was as good as the Urgrosh he carried.

When the people were told that their lands would be turned over to other dukes of the realm there was a general revolt. The only man they would follow was Vorgate. The Halflings of the desert would not even consider another outsider as a potential leader. They were threatening all out war if any Mindosians tried to enter the desert. Vorgate convinced them peace was possible and assured them that he would let them rule themselves as long as he received his Ducal tithes. As a witness to these events I can assure you that they were truly magnificent. Mindosia had decided to create a new Duchy for Vorgate. He keep some of his men to aide him in ruling Sondassa and the rest returned to the war in the north.

This is a brief description of what has occurred in recent millennia. I will go into greater depths throughout this work and hopefully be able to add more as my life progresses. It is a great time to be Mindosian.

- Glim Glittergold

Author’s note: As this document was being completed, our beloved king has joined his brethren in the afterlife. His murder has shocked the land. His son, Duke Anahad took over as Duke and the Duke of Frichosia: D. Sydosi has been chosen King. Long live the king.

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