Welcome to the world of Mindosia

Please feel free to look around. The wiki is not yet complete but I will be working on it for a good while. Please remember that the rules have changed a bit in my world. There is a new base class called Priest and the Races are being altered slightly.

I just created the google group for out of game roleplaying and general questions/comments/concerns. It is Mindosia.

10/18/10 – Adventure log has been updated with information about the start of the campaign.

11/17/10 – Adventure log updated with tavern adventure.

11/20/10 – Items given to characters by Glim Glittergold are posted in the ‘Items’ tab.

12/03/10 – Map of Mindosia was uploaded.

2/4/12 – New post about character’s trip in the slave ship.