Kraytol Urbrister's Scribblings

20140607: This is the end
20120713: This is not the end, my friends
20120706: The Duke, the goat, and the ground hole
20120629: To the Cheolian primitives
20120622: Plane as the chaos on your face
20120316: The warden, the lava, and the portal
20120309: A change of shape, a change of heart
20110930: It’s a trap!
20110916: The death of Davish
20110909: The replacement conspiracy is revealed
20110901: Saving the burning Warasia
20110826: Turning the cloak for the sake of Mindosia
20110818: Into the serpent’s belly
20110812: Up shit creek without a paddle
20110408: Liberation, vanishing, return, and departure
20110331: A test of intestinal fortitude
20110318: Prelude to a prison break
20110311: Progress up in a puff of smoke
20110304: Return to Kachochan
20110225: Doing double duty
20110218: A minotaur meet and a halfling heist
20110204: Traversing the mountain pass
20110128: An acherontic ambush angles awry assonantly
20110121: Strike a mercenary pose
20110114: Stag party in the portal cave!
20110107: The orcs, the champion, and Mirabella
20101210: A river runs through the flying monkeys
20101203: You can’t go home again – or can you?
20101119: The festival and the arrest-ival
20101112: Orcs in The Splintered Wood
20101016: Pre-festival dream

Prior to the campaign

Theft of a mother: A father’s hatred of orcs is made personal
A lost boy: A body too big for its brain and its classmates

Musings of a minotaur

Davish is dead
The farewell speech of Kraytol (and his player)
Musings on the chaos plane

Crunchy bits

Table of spell modifiers

Kraytol Urbrister's Scribblings

Mindosia Puldren