Had a dreem.

Wuz fighting with some elfs. Human who liked to twirl around a lot. A short guy, too.

Human was good at making his cape whoosh. Had a hard time hiting orcs, tho. But short guy was good at helping human hit by standing next to orcs. I hit orcs, made them bleed with my spear. Had to make human feel better cuz he got hit hard once.

Singy elf girl made two orcs tired; thinky girl elf made orc and kobold with bow sleep. Boy elf with bow made some nice hits from a long way away. singy girl elf went right up to sleeping kobold and stabed it with arrow. Let me kill it with my star, tho.

Then saw man with falling skin. Tried to hit it with my star, but it hit me back hard. singy girl elf started to sing and slice rotten man with little guy. Human spun around icky dog with bad skin and killed it. he came to help us with rotten man. Had to make me feel better before I made human feel better. Elf boy with bow shot zombie, and little guy sliced it open.

Tried to pure rotten flesh. Woke up before I saw if it worked.

No wun died in my dreem. A good sign.

Heading out to festival today. Gonna to prove myself to leader. Gonna sho I can be good priest after all. Gonna sho I’m not too dumb to make it work. Gonna show em all.

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