Went with minotaurs to bar. They told me to stay there. They wuld be right back. they didn’t come back for horus. Left me to stand at a little table.

Saw the thinky elf and the flashy man from my dream cmoe into the bar. Thinky elf wuz named Edruh. She wuz nice to me. Had lots of money.

The flashy man walked around women a lot. He likes em. thinks they like him too. Not sure he’s right.

One woman flashy man wuz around wuz called Ehnar. She wuz nice to me. Tlaked to me while Edruh went to try to get me a porkburger. I like it when they are made from whole pigs. It’s fun to chase em that way.

Before Edra culd get me the porkburger, orcs started to make truble and talked mean to Edruh. One spat at her on the ground. I saw another one look dumb when Edruh talked about the festival. The spitting orc wuz really mean to me. I dont like it when they are mean. not at all.

I got upset and it hit me. I had to hit it back, an Ehnar touched me and made me feel better. A man in the bar killed the orc with his bow. Edruh made the other one look funny. A human hurt the flashy man with his hands, but he killed him.

The man with the bow wuz with the guard. He took the funny-looking orc back to talk with him and Edruh. I went to the temple with the flashy man and Ehnar to make him feel better. Ehnar don’t know what her good touch did. I told her what it wuz. I had to learn it a long time ago too.

We went back to the bar cuz I wanted to be there when the minotaurs came back. Edruh said the funny-looking orc wuz under a spell. He found a secret door. Flashy man who called himself Yahblow went to end of dark tunnle and found a door. I tried to be quiet opening it, but I wuzn’t. It screaked real loud.

There was a glowy magic door bhind the door. Yahblow and I ran back wehn we saw shapes through the glowy door. Theye were two orcs.

I hit one hard and Ehnar shot the other one. Edruh made the one I hit go to sleep, so I killed it. Yahblow tryed to hit the other orc, but it knocked him down. Ehnar went behind him and woke him up. But I wuz mad. So I killed the other orc.

Stupid orcs. I hate em. But I felt like I culd member things better today than most days.

Bar guy called the guard for us. I told em about the portal. They closed it.

Now I have to find the other minotaurs. Duke Rezohodo will be mad at me if I dont.

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