I wuz able to find the other minotaurs after the fight in the bar. But everywun laffed at me. No wun thot I wuz telling the truth about wut happened. They thot I wuz making things up. But Duke Rezohodo dind’t get mad at me.

A cupl of days later, we went to the festival. There were lots of people there. We all stood around and heard the king talk. Then he sed that the people from Cheeo Leea wanted to join up. Only the duke from Iskast dind’t look upset. A pretty lady came in and the duke dwarf got mad about having to talke to her.

The pretty lady did sumthin to make the duke dwarf not mad. Then Duke Rezohodo got mad about talking to her. She did the same thing to him and made him and the duke dwarf come with her. I dind’t know wut to do. Duke Rezohodo sed he’d be OK. I dind’t feel good about it.

After the festival, I saw the orc from befor tlaking to the pretty lady. I dn’t like her.

The minotaurs stomped out. I still dind’t kno wut to do cuz no wun sed wut to do. They Ehnar found me. She dind’t kno wut wuz going on. I dind’t either. Edruh came up too with Yahblow. There wuz a little guy and another elf girl. A human from the guard with a bow wuz there. I saw thoz three in my dreem before. We talked, then we saw the orc from before. We ltalked to him, then he went away.

Yahblow and the bow guy went after the orc. The rest of us stayed in a room. The nfour orcs came up to each door in the room. wun licked a big sword. I ran up to each wun and killed it. I wanted to make sure I hit each wun real good and I did. Edruh put wun of them to sleep to help me out. The new elf girl was singing like in the dream. I could hit better and harder when she did. I like her.

I got the big sword, the big hammer, and the big axs the orcs had. Ehnar found a note. Edruh red it to us slow so I could get it. It told the orcs to kill us.

The guard came and sed we had to go with them. So we did. We wayted for them to ask us things. A little guy came to us. He was Glim with his rock friend Glum. We lerned about them in the war college. Glim knows a lot.

He sed that shape changer guys were around from Cheeo Leea. Lots of people had been killed that nite. He sed the singy elf wuz right when she said the people were killed so the shape changers could take their place. we had to go with Glim or we would all be killed. Even though Duke Rezohodo was in trouble with the shpae changers.

We wooshed back to Glim’s place. It wuz really big for a little guy’s house. He showed us a piktur of the land. There were silver dots where the shape changers were. Lots in the festival. Lots in Edruh’s home. She got sad at that. He culdn’t show me where Duke Rezohodo wuz. I wuz sad at that.

Glim let us pull things from a bag. They wre all magic. I got a big star to use. He sed it wuz even better than the wun I had. I don’t know, tho. The wun he gvae me dind’t kill four orcs in wun nite.

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