Wwent to sleep at Glim’s cave. Had big dreems there. Dreemed of ways to read magic. Also dreemed of ways to make my foes less good at hitting me and my frends. They were good dreems. Had other dreem abot Edruh Glim Yahblow and me tlaking to a witch. She turned me into a snake. Not so good dreem.

Wen we woke up, we tlaked about the shape changers. Glim told us that orcs were coming to Undjask. I sed we had to go there rite away. Quelrun would hlep us and Glim said we culd trust Quelrun. The singy girl and Edruh tlaked about it a lot.

Edruh wanted to go to Cheeo Leea. But I dind’t. We culd go to the hafling place where Dayvish is from. But that wuldn’t help us.

We ended up going back to Undjask. Glim put us there with magic. He gave us a stone to contact him if we needed to. Ehnar wanted it, but Edruh sed I shuld have it. So I took it befor we left.

We were outside the wall of Kachochan. Six orcs and two kolbolds were there too. I used my dreem rto make them not as good at hiting us. the kobolds hit me with magic a lot. It hurt me a LOT!

So mmcuh tat I had to kill them. Even when wun ran away, I charged over and squished him with myh star. But not befor I hit the other one and and orc who culdn’t saty awake. I killed that orc when I came back from the kobold.

They had three sords and speers, a big sord, a big ax, and a maul. I took them all. One orc had a ring on that glowd wen I luked for magic. I put it on my finger.

Edruh tryed to convine the orcs that were alive to tell us who sent them. But hey dind’t anser him. So I killed one. I held the other tite and told him to tell me but he wuldn’t lisne. So I tried to take out his legs but I missed. So did lots of others. But Shirick got an arrow in him good.

We went into Kachochan. The other minotaurs were impresed wit th trofees I brot back. they were hevy, tho. Quelrun wuz too. I new it wuz him becuz he membered my trick with making water. He had a mishun for us. To get knolege frum the orc city abut four days away thru the speshul tunnle.

We will do it for Quelrun. He will be proud of me when we do it. We will get him what he needs to get Duke Rezohodo bak. I will train in hitting peple realy hard to help us.

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