Had anuther dreem befor starting out. Got infekted by a black oil thing. It took me over and made me evil. And dusty. Wunder if that’s about the shape changers.

We went down the river with an orc gyd. There were for boats. I went with Edruh. We went down the river a ways then we saw sum crocs. Edruh put wun to sleep. the othr wun hit Dayvish and Amrith’s boat.

I paddled round to try to help. Then we saw a big croc in the rever. It nocked Ehnar and Shirick out of theyr boat. We got up next to it. I hit it with my star. Shirick went under the water and got in the croc’s mouth. Ehnar burned it with her hands. We killed it an I draged it thru the water to shore for lunch. I gave Shirick rthe good touch.

When we ate, the other boat showed up. Ehnar and me mended it. We kept going down the river. At nite we stoped and hit the boats. We sleeped and then wlaked to the orc town the next morning. Monkees flyed down and hit us. I put the bane on them then nocked wun down then went to kill anuther wun with Dayvish.

We killed it but the wun I nocked down got back up agin. so we killed itg dead this time. And then I killed the wun Edruh put to sleep while everywun wached to make sure it dind’t come back. They were tuff. And they got better aqll by themselfs. I had to give Yahblow and me the good touch.

We kept walkin. and stopped outsiod of the orc village. Dayvish Yahblow an Edruh went to sneek around. I kept the orc cumpany with Ehnar Shirick and Amrith. The orc told me he wuz born in Kachochan. I rubbed the stone to tell Glim what wuz hapning.

then I hurd sum arrows fly in the village.

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