Had anuther dreem. Dreemed abut how to swich friends with each ohter. Also dreemed abut how to make monsters not so good at hiting us. wun of the monsters was named Amrit. He was a bad man but he luked like an orc. Sort of.

I tryed to tell Glim about where we were but I herd the sound of battle an our orc gide got killed wit three arros in his chest. I ran up and got shot in the back twice, so I made it so I culdn’t get hit wen I tryed to walk up.

Dayvish and me tamed up to kill orcs. Wun of them wuz looking wierd for a wile. We saw more orcs coming. So I pked up up the orcs bodys and hid them behind a bilding. Then I told Amrith, Ehnar, and Shirik to move away and hide.

We tryed to run but an ogre found us. I made it harder for the ogre to hurt us. Yahblow, Davish, and me all killed it with Shirik. After that I tryed to run but Edruh and Yahblow wanted to play a trick. I ran far away from everywun. they all wanted to watch. I wanted to be hid away.

The trick dind’t work.

Mirabella wuz there. she sent Yahblow back to get the others then she sent two guys with high voices to find me. I wuz scared but they were nice to me. I ended up goign with them.

We went to a big room. A haf-dragon…um, dracon…named Madras wuz there. He luked beat up and sad. Not mean like the wunz I lerned about in college. I gave him the good touch and pured him some food and water from me. He wuz trying to lern about the big orc city wen they took him.

Mirablella came abck and said we could go if we beat her champ. But only the men. So we did. Shirik stayed back an hit it with arrows, Dayvish stabd it, and Yahbolw distracted it while I beat it. It hit me hard and a lot. I had to use my special good touch that made me feel better over time. I also had to change places with yahblow wen it grabed me. But I gored it really hard wen I did and he let me. DaYvish almost killed it and I finished it off.

I wanted to go to sleep but Edruh Ehnar and Amrith wanted to tlak wit Mirabella. She told them they were all her kids. I think she lies. Mirabella tlaked to Ehnar and Yahblow. She sed she’d try to let Madras go with us. If they don’t let him go, I will take hsi place with my trick.

Madras sed he herd of a new orc leader. His name is Amrit and he makes the orcs fite smarter. that’s a bad secret but Quelrun will want to know. Bad dreems are coming.

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