Had a big dreem. Glim came to me in it. Told me the stone din’dt work cuzo f strong magics. Showed me a white horse with horns going out of camp an to a mounten cave. Voices got loud in there. Shoed me how to use a protal to Kachochan to see Quelrun. Blue blue red green green red. I memebred it.

So we left the orc camp. They dind’t let Madras leave with us. I wuld have played my trick if Glim hadn’t tol me to go. I left Madras some pured food to help him stay strnog.

I folowed the wite horse with horns out of camp and to the cave. But no one else culd see it. We killed sum orcs at the start of the cave. Dayvish, Shirick, and Yahblow sneaked up on them. But Dayvish sliped.

So we all ran up and killed them. Amrith’s singing helped. I gave Yahblow a couple of small good touches.

Then we went in the cave. We tryed to go wun way. But there wuz sumthin that made Yablow sick. So we went anuther way. it was an old kichen. we went a third way. There wuz a gost. It made my head feel swimmy. I culd hardly hit it. Good thing Dayvish and Yahblow culd. Amrith made it s o peepl who culdn’t move culd move agin.

We ent thru to were five orcs were. Edruh wuz inviz an tryed to trick em. She sorta did. We lined up to kill em. They fell wun by wun. Edruh told the two left the wun to tell us were the portal wuz would live. One did. So I picked him up and rapped hjm up. He told us were to go.

Wen we got there a guy in big armor wuz there. He dacned around and cast spells on his self. So I tryed to make him less gud at hitin us then ran to hit him. I did. He hit me back. Hard. I had to step back and heal myself wile Yahblow and Dayvish hit him.

Aynar hit him with fire an made him wobble. So Shirick and Yahblow an Dayvish could kill him good. Yahblow and me cut the special sords he used from his hands. He was an all metal man.

I pushed colored stones on the portal like Glim said in my dreem. It worked. I got the orc an brot him with me to the cassel. It is good to be home. Maybe they can make my fuzzy head better.

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