Had a dreem. Us all had numbers over heads. Wen we got hit they went down. Wunder wut that meens.

We tlaked to Quelrun. He wuz happy wit us. But not hapy with the rise of Amrit. He had to think. I went to priests to get beter. Amreth went with me. Th priests told me sumthin private. So I went away for a cuple days. I bot a glove to lock in my star.

Wen I came back Quelrun had us back. We had to know wut to do. Go to orc town again. Or to Cheeo Leea. I dind’t want to go on boat agin. So I said orcs. So did everywun but Edruh.

Then big stuf hapend. We fot two orcs an a troll. Amrith made it better to hit and hurt em. Aynar crisped troll. I smashed on orc that hit me an Dayvish finshed it off. But not befor Yahblow an Dayvish got other orc down. Troll hit Yahblow. So I gave him gud touch.

I found shiny armor with wite fist on it from orcs. Greatsord two. Put armor on then tuk other armor an sords back. took bite of orc first. Tasted funy. Not like any other orc I had. So I told Quelrun.

He sed bad pepl had com in. Army was bilding in th Nort. Made of mor than orcs and goblin and kobold. He wunts us to be in it. To see if we can get in an lern.

So we did. We did diskises. I got my fur died. Bound my mouth too. Sed I wuz sick so I wuldn’t tlak. Edruh sed that wuld be gud.

We got zoomed out. Elf met us. Tuk us to big orc city. Army camp wuz outside it. Edruh did tlaking for us. I grunted to be bad. We saw Amrit an his goons. theyu had wite fist on it.

We had to beat a flying thing in a pit. Edruh tryd to pull cloth off my mouth. I dind’t get it. Thot she wuz mind controled or sumthin. But Yahblow sed it wuz OK if I needed to cast an tuk it off. If Yahblow an Edruh want same thing, must be OK.

I cursed it. Then we all hit it. I got to kill it gud. So we are in th army now.

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