In morn, Edruh went out to meet. She sed we had to atak minotaurs for new army. I wuldn’t do it. She sed I had to leeve if I dind’t do it. So I left.

Yahblow Aynar an Amrith folowed me. We saw elf from forest. He told us we shuld go. But we dind’t haf to kill minotaurs. But I had to be quiet so I dind’t make ore peepl see us. That wuz OK.

We wlaked bak to Edruh. Elf chweed out Edruh. I wuz happy. But I wuz mad at Edruh. She sed we wuz part of army now. But I am part of minotaur army first. All my life. Won’t kill minotaurs unless they are bad. And they aren’t bad if bad army wants to kill em.

We met other band. We had to go with them to minotaurs. We hiked a day. The leader tlaked with Edruh in funny way no wun but them got. It made me mad. I hate secrets. Specially wen they are tween bad peepl. Think Edruh may be bad frum wut she sed at camp and wut she sed to me.

We all camped out at night. I tryed to make us go on pass togever. But no wun got me. Thot I wanted to play game. So I took first watch. Wen I wuz dun, I let my star fall behind Edruh hard. Wanted to scare her like I did by fire to get her and Yahblow to shut up. IT werked. I tryed to act like I triped wen everywun woke up.

I layed down and played at sleeping. Edruh an Yahblow were gunna sneek up on goblin archer scout. Edruh made archer see lights. But Shirick shot at archer an made loud sound happen. It hurted my ears.

So we went up. Dayvish went first an got hit hard. So I made me safe then gave him gud touch voer time. Then I baned them all while Amrith sang. She made it beter for Dayvish. Then Yahblow went up and got hit. So I gave him gud tuch over time. Aynar Shirick an Amrith tryed to shoot all over. We got ogre an a orc down but they made fire when they got hit. Then got other orc down.

Human and goblins wer tuf. Wun gobllin wuz healin. I had to tke him down as human hurt Dayvish bad. I tol all shooters to hit human. But they dind’t an the goblin scout archer ran away. Yahblow and me ran after it. It tried to turn and hit Yahblow. It did. So I charged it an hit it back. My star made it fall after Shirick an Amrith hit it with arow.

Edruh not happy about us not workin together. Hate to agree wit her. But she rite now. Dun no how to think ov her. We will see wut wuz on bodies to make them so strong an hard to hit.

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