Afer we tuk sum stuff frum bodies, had a dreem. Figgerd out how to hit and hurt better. Also dreemed bout wen I got hit and felt relly bad. Dreemed how to make me or others beter.

Befor I dreemed we went to sleep. Amrith sed she culd make alarms like mercs we killed but she only wanted it in her head. I sed we culd have her yank my rope to wake us up if we all sleeped on it. So we did.

we went up mountain pass. Culd hav gone hi or lo. Yahblow fliped a coin. We wnt lo. Lite got realy littl. then we saw sum lava an some dog wit glowy eyes. Amrith kept wun dog away wile Dayvish got the other wun. Yahblow and me tryed to kill a fire man that came outta lava. Edruh took over for Amrith so she culd sing. Shirick needed help. But we were OK after I cursed the fire man.

So we kept going after I healed ppl who needed it. I tryed to keep Yahblow healthy by taking sum things that wuld hit him. Then we saw big hairy balls with arms. I cursed them both. We tried to hit them all. I tuk sum ataks frum them to make sure everywun else wuld be OK. So I had to burn big heals on me wen we fot. The balls had gud things in theyre tummies. Like a wand Ehnar culd use to help heal us.

then we kept wlaking. Lite got more. Just as we got out I got shot twice hard. Then again to make me fall. But Ehnar brot me back. So I culd bring Amrith back wen she fell. Shirick killed wun of those devil dogs wit wun shot! But hten he culdn’t hit agin.

Dayvish climed up to try to kill archer that shot me. Then Yahblow did after the other devil dog died. Then I did. Dayvish killed it but he looked dazed. So I heald him. I don’t have much left. But I keep a littl in tank.

I hope we find minotaur soon.

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