Wen we were going to sleep Glim sed things in our heads. Made us feel rested. Wen we got up saw four minotaurs. Wun wuz hurt real bad. I waved to them and went to them.

There were three standing. Wun wuz big like my dad. The other two were a litl less big than me. The hurt wun wuz priest like me. He wuzn’t awake. The other minotaurs tryed to heal him but they culdn’t. Thye sed they made him worse. They also sed they were with haflings an got put to sleep. Wen they woke up sum of them were ded and haflings were gone.

We went to find them. Shirick led us to them. We camped outside their base. They were orcs and goblins. Three were out front. Yahblow killed thme all after Edruh made them act funny.

Then a lot more orcs and goblins came out. They had armor like mien. With wite fist on it. Dayvish beat wun of them down an Amrith shot another. I stayed back with other minotaurs until they ran in. there wuz human with sum goblins. He did bad things to us with fire.

Then I ran around a lot. I tryed to heal everywun specilly Yahblow wen he came up to me. Amrith dropped so we culdn’t hear her singign anymore. But I brought her back up from a ways away aftger putting the bane on bad guys. Between Shirick’s shooting, Ehnar’s magic missles, Edruh’s making ppl dum, Yahblow’s sording, an Daywish taking care of a troll, we all stayed alive. They all took care of everywun befor I culd start hiting the troll much with my star. I hit it anyway to keep it down.

I wuz glad to fite with minotaurs agin. They helped us a lot. The rely big wun burned the troll ded with fire frum the camp.

Wen we were all dun we went in wun of the tents. Haflings were there. Maybe they know how to help hurt minotaur. Maybe they can help us get back.

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