Found potion. Wit Glim’s help figgered out it wuld heal minotaur. Tuk haf bottle to do it. Glim warned me tat there wuz silver ppl near us.

New halfling showed up. Sed there wuz sumthin funny about wun ov other minotaur. He dind’t know where minotaur had been. So I hit him wit my star. He smelled funny. So we killed him.

I tuk a bite to see wut shape changer tastes like. Bitter an gross. Don’t wanna taste that agin. But I mite haf to if we think anuther shape changer is round. Everywun but Edruh and Yahblow let me lick em to see how they taste. They were gud. Edruh an Yahblow were acting lyk themselfs so I let them go too.

New guy showed us pass thru mount side. Air wuz staled. Yahblow and new guy went in front. Yahblow saw guy getting atacked. Yahblow killed two bad guys atacking guy. I tasted them. Gave me hartburn like demon.

Guy sed we were in family dimond mine. He went ahed ov us. I droped turd to mark it wen he went in. Dind’t help air. But we kept walking ahed to door.

We saw horse man who sed he wuz brother ov guy in mine. Sed most ppl don’t try to go strait thru mine but try to fite. So we were OK to go thru.

Wen we did Yahblow saw big nasty thing. I dind’t know wut to do. But he went out and tryed to sneek. Ehnar sed we shuld run out ov tunnel wile we culd. But we dind’t lissen to her and got traped.

Dayvish kept a devil dog busy an I tuk the other wun that Edruh made blind. Edruh made a mist an told us all to go back. But I wuldn’t lissen cuz Yahblow wuz out by himself. New guy made lightening thru the cloud. He killed wun devil dog enuf to let Ehnar run out. She made fire on the other devil dogs and nasty thing that droped Yahblow. Dayvish killed nasty thing just in time for me to run to Yahblow an save him. I shoulda swiched wit him but I dind’t kno where he wuz.

We wlaked on after I healed ppl up. We got jumped by lions. Wun hit me real bad. Other almost killed Shirick. I had to go back and heal while Edruh blinded wun that hurt me. Yahblow charged up real nice and helped me kill it. Other wun got cot in plants by new guy. Let Shirick get out while Ehnar healed him. Then lion got pounded.

New guy Zayeer seems to be gud. I like him. Even if he is wierd. Like he talks to hisself. But like somewun else is there. And he spits on hand to shake.

Gess that’s not wierder than stuf I do to ppl who don’t kno me.

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