Had big dreems about Amrit. He wuz realy bad. Killed lots of ppl. To make things beter in dreem I thot how to heal frends all at once. Also how to find sickness. Wen I woke up I felt helthier and bigger.

Wen we went back to camp goblin found us. Told Edruh there wuz big reward for haflings. But we wuldn’t take it wit them by giving up Dayvish and Zayeer. So they ambushed us rite befor we got back. Three goblins ogre an two-heded thing wit two clubs that I cursed. But we killed them all. Yahblow almost droped again after playing ded. But I got to heal him and Ehnar along wit me.

Edruh told us to keep a goblin alive. So we did. An we used him to make sure no wun else wuld hurt us. Edruh stabed him wit her dager wen she wanted. I fed him unpured food so he wuldn’t mess wit us. We got 1000 gold for taking stuf from minotaur. We lernd haflings r worth 10000 gold live an 5000 dead. Ppl luked at us funy after that.

In morn we got new mishun. We were sposed to put two humans into Kachochan as spys. We sed we’d turn em in wen we got there tho. So we went off after letting goblin go. They sed we shuld go in mountains stead of swamp that wuld have ben qwiker.

In mountains we saw Garvarg. He was floaty smile wit eyes. He liked Amrith’s song about him. So he let us pass thru sum boulders with eyes and hands and fingers. I tuched wun. It was really rock!

We saw minotaurs as we came down mountain pass. I tryed to scrape off fist frum my armor. So we waited to walk up to front gate. Wen we did Glim put us thru walls. We let spys go then Glim had them picked up. Wile we tlaked there were thuds on wall.

We got out of wall to see two giants. I cursed wun and Edruh tryed to make other wun our frend. But we beat them both up pretty gud. Afraid that Amrit had them folow us back or sumthin. But I dind’t see giants in his army.

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