Had to go help Duke Rezohodo. Quelrun sed he wuz coming. We culd help kill ppl trying to kill him. Edruh thot too much about it. Shirick sed we culd go back to camp an Yahblow sed tat culd be OK. I got upset at everywun. But mostly Edruh. She always wants to do stuf an wun time stuf to do is clear she duzn’t wanna do it rite then. She duzn’t make sense.

So we went to meet Duke Rezohodo. We tuk a short cut. So we culd get to other side of brdige where Duke Rezohodo wuld be coming. But the bad guys were there. Half-ogre, two-headed ogre thing wit 4 arms, orc-thing wit fire ax, human spell guy, an litl cleric wit some goblin shooters and orcs on line.

They sed to go for cleric. So I tryed. I spred out so spell guy wuldn’t kill us all with wun shot. Edruh made me faster along wit almost everywun else. I tryed to sneek around to git the cleric with Dayvish. But the big two-head got in way. I tryed to curse it – it took three times!

Then Dayvish luked like he needed help wit the 4 arms. Cuz Zayeer made a fire thing hit cleric. So I thot I culd be strong. Dayvish droped rite after I killed the 4 arms. Ppl droped in back too. But Zayeer and Ehnar were healin. So I kept keepin everywun else safe by killing half-ogre.

Ehnar is geting gud wit fire. She made lots of orcs go up in ash. But it dind’t work on spell guy. Shyrick had to shoot a lot. Amrith’s singing makes me stronger.

I saw Amrith make fire ax guy drop his ax. But he still went after Yahblow an nocked him down. I think Shyrick got downed too. I felt bad becuz I culdn’t git back. But I knew they culd be OK.

Edruh put goblins to sleep. I picked wun up. It tryed to git away. So we killed it in front of its frend. Live goblin sed “he is coming.” Luked to Kachochan. Big smoke came up. Sumthin big flyin too. MY HOME! Tryed calling Glim. NO ANSER!

Gotta go to Duke Rezohodo! He make tings rite. He can do it. Gotta go to Duke Rezohodo. If it realy is Duke Rezohodo. If he’s not there we’re boned.

But I gotta wait. Can’t run bak. Duke Rezohodo will make it rite.

He will do it.

He gotta do it.

I can’t do it.


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