I ran up to caravan an saw there wuz a lot of soljurs there. More than I culd count. Tho that don’t mean much.

Duke Rezohodo wuz wit em. I wuz so amazed I made a poo. But he membered wut I do wit those. So I knew it wuz really him. There wuz lots of soljurs from Cheeo Leea. So I guess Cheeo Leea izn’t bad as I thot. I got to tell him about all my frends. He let me march next to his car!

I saw minotaur who left me at bar. They sed they forgot they left me. But thta’s OK. If they hadn’t dun tat I wuldn’t hav met my frends. So we’re gud now.

Wen we left camp we saw Glum. He sed Glim wuz in trubl an he culdn’t take us to him. With his fist. He also sed Quelrun wuz in trubl. So I told Duke Rezohodo. Or at leest I tryed. Sumwun saw flying thing go away. Wuz probly Amrit. Bad dreems comin tru.

We got to Kachochan. Spys we brot were at wall. They sed they had Kachochan. I wuz MAD!

But Duke Rezohodo had a plan. We culd sneek in close to main water or go round far to get under prizun. I never ben there. But we desyded to go there. Quelrun wuz maybe there. We got sum inviz scolls to help us. Duke rezohodo tol me to hug the wall. I dind’t see how that wuld help. So he splained it to me. Stay close to it.

So we went and got in tunnel. Then we went thru hevy door. There wuz some loked doors. I culdn’t open them. Then an ogre thing came. Zayeer put some tangels in it. So we culd beat it down. Then tehre were sum orcs. Wun cast spells. Anuther thru speers at me. Others got tangled. Yahblow wanted us to go back. But I dind’t wanna.

I beat sum then Ehnar switched caster and speer chucker. I killed caster. Dayvish killed other orc. We killed em gud. Caster had keys on him. I opened doors. Saw a minotaur. He told us where Quelrun wuz. He had sumwun else let out everywun else in prizun. Then we went to get Quelrun.

Edruh told us to spred out so we culd let her make big gards give him stuf. So we did. An we beat em up bad. Wun went to give Edruh club. Lots of em killed it. So I went to other wun an killed it.

They had no keys. So I opened door. I saw Quelrun. An cupl other things I culdn’t make out.

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