Befor I open door to Quelrun I had a flash. I saw how I culd make unpured food make ppl sick. Also how to make ppl take hits beter. And how to make evil things not hurt us. Culd feel my mussels geting biger and my legs geting taler after killin etin. Sumthin’s hapnin to me. Mayb I will be big like Dad.

Wen I open door it wuz gross. Guts for walls. Ded minotaur an halfling all round. And Quelrun had his horn taken off by goblin!!! Statu wuz holdin him. Glim wuz in cage above ground. Statu droped Quelrun an came to us. I wanted to get to Quelrun but I culdn’t cuz statu was in way. Dayvish hit it hard and so did I. Devil dogs were around.

Wen statu broke there wuz a gost inside. It made anuther gost come by me. I got the first gost devil dog and goblin in my nasty breath. But only devil dog seemed to stop. Devil dogs and spirits started hurting ppl. Specialy Shirick an Ehnar. But Zayeer did a thing to hurt gosts so I culd kill them.

Wunce tat hapend I tryed to get to Quelrun. My stinky breath culdn’t make goblin sick! But I healed Quelrun and ran back to battle in time to save Edruh frum dying. We culd kill devil dogs but not goblin.

Goblin flw round an hurt us to heal his self. I culdn’t hit. Shirick wuz weak an culdn’t use a bow so I had to restore him. Edruh tried to keep hurting goblin. I got tied up in guts from floor as Glim made goblin fall. But no wun culd hurt him an I culdn’t get free! Goblin vanished away wit Quelrun’s horn but lukedsleepy wen he did.

I hate goblin. Hate all goblins. Gonna make em pay for wut they did to Quelrun. I will fix Quelrun up. He will not kno his disgrays. No wun else will. He will be better. He will still lead us. He will lead us out of here. He will not have my dad’s shame. I will save him. He will be proud ov me.

But I will have to face the death to make Quelrun rite agin. I am sad. Duke Rezohodo can never be proud ov me now cuz I tuk ded minotaur horns for Quelrun. But Quelrun needs his honor more than I need my life. Minotaur need Quelrun more tan me.

I redy to face the death for wut I dun.

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