I had anuther flash. About how to make water outta nuthin an how to git real strong. We desided to hav Edruh Shirick an Yahblow sneek out. Zayeer Dayvish Ehnar an me stayed back. I almost sneeked to gate but I made noise at end. Orcs wit bows shot at us. So we went up to kill em.

Wen we did tat there wuz big boom. We killed all orcs an saw army from Cheeo Leea come thru gate. But Edruh wuz gone. I tryed to find her. But she wuzn’t there. I wuz sad. I riped the guts out ov to goblin. Wore em as belts. New guy called Thurl thot they smelled gross.

Duke Rezohodo cam back. I told him not to go in prizun. Becuz Quelrun an Glim were hurt there. I dind’t want Duke Rezohodo to get hurt too if sumthin wuz there. But he wuz OK.

Quelrun wuz taken back to his home at War College. I went out that nite to see wut wuz hurt on east side. It wuz all gud there. Not many orcs were there. They all got killed. Lerned how to tan goblin guts to make belts. Sumwun import to me iz proud of me. I git why he hates orcs so much now.

I went back to town in morning. Had to find frends. Took yelling at 10 tavern doors. Shulda lissened for drunk Thurl. Glim sed we wuz waiting for haflings. Mirabella wuz coming. Or here. An he had to git out befor she found him. But I had to git to Quelrun befor Mirabella got to him. She made Duke Rezohodo stil lyk her. I dunno y.

Dayvish came wit me. I dind’t want too many ppl around so they dind’t spill his secret befor I culd tel him. Wen we got there Mirabella wuz there. She left but dind’t try to kil us this time. I resurged Quelrun an tryed to make him beter.

Wen he sed Mirabella wuz bad I new she dind’t git to his hed too bad. He sed he wuz going to stay there and had to fite her. He wuld be in tuch wit Glim. So I culd keep stone. He wuzn’t mad wit me wen I told him wut I done. He even sed he wuld think about minotaur wit no horn mayb having honor agin. I wuld lyk that a lot for my dad. Quelrun let us have his chest of tresure to pay for gud stuf we found.

So I went back to Glim. Haflings were there so we ported out. Into dezert wher haflings r frum. Theyre duke duzn’t lyk Mirabella. There were to big bugs wit stingers. Dayvish and Zayeer noked wun out and wanted to ride it. We kiled other wun. So now we go to hafling twon.

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