While we were at the haflings, I got better at healing. I tried to help Glim, but he was hurt by demon magic. The haflings like my pured food and water though. It’s hard to find good stuf out in the desert.

When we met for our normul catch-up lunch, a strange guy sat with us. It turned out to be Yablo! He had been runing a fite club. For muney. He said he let the fiters get healed. But I never saw any of them.

When Glim joined us we tlaked about the notes we got from people. Shyrrik got one from Amrit. It said that Amrit didn’t trust Mirabella anymor. He wanted to make frends with us. I don’t trust him. But Dayvish’s people said we should do this. Thurl and Yablo agreed. So I went along with it. But I wanted to lay traps for him.

We started out for the cave that was a few days away. There was a sand dragon cuple of days away out. It kicked up a big sand storm. I wanted to stop it from hurting us. But it flew away befor I culd grab it and fly after it.

When we got near the cave Shyrrik went up and saw a couple of bodies. A human was alive, an orc and goblin were dead. Whatever killed them had good taste. It mite have left a bunch of warm poo. But there wasn’t any orc or goblin parts in it. I pured it but it took a while. I led the way into the cave after healing the stoopid human.

There were lots of bats in there. So many that there wuz lake of poo. Too much for me to pure. I flew over to woman who screemed out from a rock above the poo. I dind’t trust her. So I tried to make her less able to hit us if she tried sumthing. Then I let Thurl fly and had Yablo and Davish cling to me.

Then Davish stabed me as she turned into a blob that I hit once. I had to drag Davish thru the poo to get him to stop. I stuck a leg down in the poo to shake him off. But he climbed up. So I laid down in it to get him off. I let him stay in poo while I healed Thurl and me. Thurl beat up the blob real good. Shyrrik, his wolf, and the stoopid human took care of anuther thing that tried to kill us.

I healed up sum of our party, then I pulled up a post in the middle of the rock. There was a ladder leading down. So I flew down the hole.

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