When we went down the hole, Thurl went in front. I staid in back. We lit the way. Glim’s stone started getting lited. Then Ejnar showed up. Gess she didn’t want to wade in poo. I wonder if Glim knew that’s what we were going to do? She was with Mirabella too. I don’t like that bitch.

I saw a lite ahead when we came to a three way stop. Yablo and Shyrrik sneaked ahead. But I steped on a plate that made the floor in front of Thurl and Courage drop. Thurl was OK after we got a rope around him. Courage was heavy tho. I had to wait to pull him up until Yablo and Davish killed a cuple of snakes with sords. Becuz I traded places with Shyrrik when the snakes came.

But Thurl ran ahead when he heard a guy screem. There was a lot of snakes and snake men. One of them bit Yablo and made him drop. So I saved him. I tried to give the ones hiting Yablo the poo breath. But I droped the poo. So I made anuther and ran up to the line of snakes and snake men to poo breath them. It worked. Mostly. Then I had to heal Thurl and Davish when they got hurt bad. I healed myself with Thurl so I was OK.

Ejnar floated above a sorcerer lady who had been by the screeming guy. When Ejnar fell, I switched placed with her so I could squish the sorcerer lady. It kinda worked. Ejnar’s acid ball put an end to the sorcerer. We made a good teem.

Thurl cleened up the rest of the bad guys with Shyrrik’s and Davish’s help. I tryed to cure Yablo of his poison. I did with one try. Then he got sick again. So I burned a bunch of spells to make him OK again. The guy who screemed was the one we were supposed to meet. Said Jungar anyway. Don’t know how much I can trust him.

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