We tryed to sleep in the cave. But there wuz a bat riding a big bat. I think so anyway. I culdn’t move after the riding bat yelled. Lots of us culdn’t. Ejnar and Shyrrik saved us. It was close tho.

When we finaly got to rest all the way the orc we rescued teleported us to Amrit. His name was Hrack. I wuz mad when we were I saw Amrit. He killed my home! But he said we shuld join him against Mirabella. He said he wuldn’t attack us anymor. Mirabella wuz trying to trick everyone with trained shape changers. Some were trained so well they don’t know they are shape changers. So he wanted to fite against Mirabella with Sondassa. They even said the goblin who hurt Quelrun wuzn’t even a goblin. It wuz another shape changer! So now I realy hate those shape changers.

I got mad and hurt the wall. But it wuz OK. Aydra came back! She wuz with Mirabella and saw how she worked. She got out when she culd. Ehnar sed Aydra isn’t a shape changer. So I didn’t have to taste her. Shyrrik seemed weirded out. I didn’t know what to think. So I took a tour of the castle insted.

There wuz magic that dind’t let me tell Glim anything. So Azrael who is one of Amrit’s friends took me up to the top of the castle and tell Glim what wuz hapening. He seemed OK with it. So we agreed to Amrit’s plan. He wuld lead an orc army into Sondassa with our help. And we wuld try to take back Mindosia from Mirabella’s charms.

So we went back close to Warasia with Hrack and Aydra. Thurl stayed behind as Amrit’s guest. We found two dwarf giants in the sand. I had to do a lot of heals. Speshuly Davish and I healed myself wit him. Aydra made the giants not so good so we culd hurt them. I want to see wut giants had on them. They weren’t hurt by fire. I hope Sondassa isn’t geting boned by our plans with Amrit.

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