I talked to Shyrrik for a while today. He seems to think so much. Maybe he can help me figure out how to deal with the gray Aedra lives in. It was so much easier when everything was black and wite. He thot I wuz funny. I gess I’m not that smart yet.

When we came up to Warasia we saw a beast. It was attacking! So I flew up to it with Davish on me and tryed to make it stop. But it didn’t. So Davish hit it hard. A lot. Aedra made it weaker. Shyrrik hit it good with his arrows. Ejnar flew up to try to hurt it too.

Just when we thot we had it handled four fire men came up from the sand. They came up around Shyrrik and Aedra. Aedra made herself invisible quick before she died! Courage took a beating from a couple. Yablo tried to keep one from hurting everyone else but he dropped. So I ran over to heal him before beating the fire men down. But he didn’t really need it – he tricked us all! I got to kill one as I moved around trying to heal people. It’s a lot of work trying to figure out what to do!

There were some people hurt so I healed them after Davish and Yablo and Courage. Some died but I saved a lot of them. We saw the duke. He offered to pay for us to stay the nite somewhere nice. Aedra thot he wasn’t being good enuf in his offer. I didn’t think I could fit so I said I would stay outside. But the duke had a nice place for me. But all these places that are made for little people hurt my head and shoulders when I have to stoop for too long.

I hope I can help heal people. I am getting good at it. Maybe I could even teach people a thing or two about heals. Wouldn’t that be a turn?


Mindosia Puldren