Had a dream. A dream that I could get real big and strong all at once. A dream I could make things glow like Ejnar does.

We got invited to a big meeting. I tried to call Glim and see if he would be there. He wuzn’t sure. But when we hung up there wuz a bang. So Davish called him with his own stone. Glim wuz trying out some new weapons. But he wuz OK.

So we went to the meeting. They had a door that could reveal shape changers! They even showed us one that got twisted all around. Then some old elf and folks went in first. I wanted to try out the door to see if my dream spell would also go away. The captain said I could try later after I helped chase down a shape changer who ran.

In the hall were a bunch of people of all races. Even minotaurs were there. But after we ate a lot of people left. We were only a few who stayed. They revealed a plot to replace Mirabella. It would be Yablo’s frend who knows magic to change shape. I am afraid she wouldn’t taste rite. But maybe the magic changes her taste too.

They wanted us to ambush Mirabella. She wuz going to be litely garded. So we could sneak in and replace her with Yablo’s frend. But that seems too easy. I think they are trying to lure us out. To make us show ourselves. They are likely going to ambush us instead.

But as we talked about it and Aedra looked scared, an alarm went out. There were a lot of guys attacking. We had to beat down a bunch of sand men again. My dream spell helped a lot. I could smash them hard! I took out things big and small. Davish rode on me again to get up to battle. We should get some straps to help with that.

Aedra made a bunch of new creatures help us and Shyrrik found his aim. Ejnar flew around and blasted stuff. Yablo got hurt bad and climed on the roof of a building. I had to cut through guy after guy before I could hit the big metal thing that garded a caster. Once it was dead the caster went down.

It wuzn’t easy so it felt rite. This Mirabella mission feels too easy.


Mindosia Puldren