I tried. I tried so hard. But Davish is dead. And I couldn’t save him.

We ended up going on the mission. Even tho I thot it wuz dumb. But we had to for Mindosia. So we got silver goo all over us and in us. A Silf I think. Then we snuck around in diamond mines. Yablo and Shyrrik led the way.

I made myself real strong before the guards came. We had things that could make our will stronger if Mirablla tried to get in our heads. But I also made a protect from evil on me. I wanted to put it on others but couldn’t do it. As much as I wanted to bash I had to heal. Especially Davish. Eventually I got to splat the thing that hurt him so bad.

But then more came. And the more had a nasty thing. It put Davish right in front of it. Behind two lines of bad guys. And a bad guy next to me. I got so confused. I tried to get Davish back. Or to put me where Davish was. But I couldn’t.

I tried so hard. But I couldn’t reach him.

The rest is a blur. Alls I know is that Davish died making Mirabella a stone. He died a hero. But he still died. And it wuz all my fault for not getting to him.

Now no one will ride me into battle. Now I have to be the big bad beat stick. But I don’t know that I can. He could take hits better than me.

He wuz a good guy. I don’t know that I am.


Mindosia Puldren