Went o Frikoshuh. Rna into sum wulfs. Had to kill them. Wuz wun tat wuz real hard. Culdn’t kill it befor it went in the dirt. Aydruh made wun come near her. I thot it wuz bad. But it wuzn’t. She let it go. I lissend to Shyrick an Aydruh wen I thot it wuz gonna hurt us.

Got to city. We got met by gards. They sed we wuz spys. But Mirabela wuzn’t. So they tuk us away frum her.

I agreed to do it becuz there were lots of em. An I culdn’t fite em all. So I let em do wut they wanted wit us. So we wuldn’t all git kiled.

An they tuk our stuf. Like my star. I tryed to seem all clumsee. So they wuldn’t git my sikl. I think it wurked.

But now I feel dum agin. An I don’t like it. We will go to prizun now. Loked away.



Mindosia Puldren