I have a brane agin! Being in the mine so long made me real dum. So dum I culdn’t talk.

After a wile it wuz good not to have to think. All I did wuz hit. Hit the rock. All day. No rest but no thinking. And Ejnar taking care of my hands wen I hit all day. I dreamed I culd bring people back from the ded.

But now Ejnar is gone. They sed a dragon took her. So we went after it. But only after we killed lots of gards. Then got our stuff back.

It feels good to have my star back. I strapped it on real good.

We found the dragon and beat it down real good. I culd get to behind it so Yablo and Shyrrik and Courage and everywun else culd hit it hard. Like Hagrox, a new dwarf who wuz in the mines. He made me a stone ax wen I didn’t have my star. I like him. There is a weird bird-dwarf too. Not like the shape changers – he culd get real small!

But there wuz a shape changer chained by the dragon. It wuz named Asma. She wuz sent out by Mirabella. She sed Asma wuzn’t good enuf. So she locked up Asma wit the dragon. Asma tastes diffrent from other shape changers. A little sweeter.

I no wut it’s like for peple to say ur not good enuf. That u can’t do things rite. That is wut they told me at the War College. I had lots of nites crying myself to sleep. Were no wun culd see me. Or hear me.

I dun want Asma to feel bad like I did. I want Asma to no she is good at things. Like taking forms in peple’s heds instead of in real life. She can even hit real hard wen I think of hiting hard. But she can’t give the gud tuch wen I think of it.

I will keep her in my mind so she can fite if she needs to. I want her to be gud at wut she can do. I dun want her to feel bad cuz she can’t do everything rite. No wun can. We have to help each other and find peple who are good at wat we are bad at.

I want to train Asma. To help her lern wut she is good at. Not to make her feel bad anymore. Maybe if she is trained rite, she won’t have the hate I do in my heart. Like for the orcs that took my mom. And for my class mates who made fun of me and left me in the tavern.

Rite now she can look like Ejnar and guide us to her by the con…cun…bond we have wit her. So we will go and save Ejnar. Then we will make sure the warden never has anuther slave.



Mindosia Puldren