We did it! We got Ejnar out of the mine! And the Duke’s son too!

They thot they culd keep us out with a force wall. But Hagrox made the wall around it go away. So I got big and kept the warden from hurting others. Aedra herd him talking wit Mirabella, so we went rite in as soon as we culd.

It turned into a heal war after a wile. I culdn’t get to Ejnar cause she was up in the cage. And I culdn’t let my friends get hurt. So I took the beating. When I hit the warden, sometimes it made Ejnar scream, and sometimes the duke’s son did. I had to keep hiting him so he wouldn’t get past me. I got to heal Courage, tho, then Yablo. An each time it helped me lots. I like my chainy thing.

Once we got the warden good and hurt lava came out of the ground. I had to fly over to make sure we got Ejnar and the duke’s son out. Ejnar first tho.

Then there were these things that were with Mirabella and watched as she went thru a portal. I knocked one back while everyone else fought the others. Aedra got to mind control one.

Glim came through the portal. He sed rock rock rock wuld get us back to him. He also made the mind controlled thing go crazy then go to goo. Asma changed like that thing did but she stayed alive. Glim will take her and the others who were saved. Looks like Revlan’s ded. Kethend is OK and so is his frend Misha.

I hope Glim shows Asma she is gud for things. He thinks she mite have been too good so that’s why Mirabella locked her up. I wanna be good too. I wanna get Mirabella but we have to water fire fire to get there.

We gotta help Yablo’s girlfriend. She is in big truble.


Mindosia Puldren