When we went thru the portal it was wierd. It was like we were all together but not quite ourselfs. Or something. Everything seemed so small, escept for the jackals coming into the capital of Frichosia. Why we were there I culdn’t member. Glim told me to find the king, though, so we tried.

When we finally got to the king there wuz a rat. He wuz acting like he shut up the king. And Glim! How did he – well, it’s not really him. But we didn’t know that then. And someone else that Yablo and Aedra know but I don’t. Anyway the rat made us go through a door to talk to them.

And the door killed us. A lot.

Well, wut wuz behind the door did anyway. First there was poison gas that Aedra the snake had to push a button to suck up. Then a couple of stony things wandering around that Ejnar the peacock culd keep still while we beat them down. Then a target Shyrrik the monkey had to throw a rock onto while I held him up. Then a bridge Yablo the bunny had to jump up to pull a lever. Then a bridge with archers all around I had to fly across to knock a statue in two and hit something to make the the archers go away. Then a hole Drixson had to fly through to get us all out.

It wuz exhausting. And my magic didn’t work too good at first. I guess I learned to make it go good after a while tho. I really wanted to try out the blinky thing I dreamed about when we went thru the portal. It helped me charge without getting hit too bad – just once! Too bad I culdn’t throw up a wall of knives to play with that.

So then the rat disappeard and let us talk to the king and Glim and the other guy. They had been replaced by shapechangers in our world! But Glim’s took pity on our world and works with Glum to help Cheolia not wreck our lands.

But Mirabella might not be Mirabella! Yablo’s girlfriend might be the real Mirabella. So we might have helped sneak the real Mirabella into the fake Mirabella’s place. Cuz we thought she wuz the real Mirabella who wuz making all the leaders wierd. So then if fake Mirabella is the real Mirabella, and wut we thought wuz the real Mirabella wuz actually trying to help somehow, even tho she made Duke Rezohodo all wierd…

My brain hurts.

But Duke Rezohodo – the real one – is here! I gotta find him. He will help Cheolia come to its senses. And I will make him proud of me.


Mindosia Puldren