So after we talked to the king and Glim and the other guy, we took a rest before trying to talk to the king of Cheolia. They said it wuld be hard to unnerstand him.

They were right.

We didn’t exactly get what they meant until we saw. Hundreds of them in a magic room. All saying the same thing. Or close to it. It hurt all our heads. But Drixson heard one of them say something about “find the stone.”

Hagrox remembered it wuz a stone that had been under the throne of Cheolia’s king back where we are from. A speshul stone that his people felt pulled to. It was found on the main island of Cheolia. So maybe we could find it there. And maybe Duke Rezohodo would be there too!

So Ejnar let us go to the main island. When we got there there was a big dog elephant. But Drixson talked it down somehow before it could eat us. So we kept going toward a small town.

On the way there were a couple of globby tentacle monsters and a cloud. When I tried to get big I felt lots of power. So I got real big! And made a big smash on one of the monsters and the cloud. The other monster made Yablo all jelly-like. But he came back together after a little bit and got to take his revenge on it.

Then we went in the town. We saw some mole people in a store. I bought Hagrox some digger claws from a turtle. They all said that they could change shape.

The mole people said their people found a stone like the one we were looking for. Their people were going to take it to the king. I said we culd help. But who are they taking it to if we have the king in Frichosia?

How do they know who is who? Maybe their noses or feet can tell better than my eyes can. I just know we need to figure all this out so I can make Duke Rezohodo proud of me wen I see him next.


Mindosia Puldren