So this is what smart feels like.

When we helped the mole people deliver the Stone of Destiny to their King Emyr, he was very specific about the titles he wanted me to use. In my confusion, I tried to use all of them. He did not like it, and he threw me, Yablo, and Shyrrik into a pit. Because Aedra thought quickly and said she and Ejnar were Mirabella’s daughters, they were escorted elsewhere.

But then, who should I see in the pit with me but Duke Rezohodo and Quelrun! They had been thrown in, trying to figure out what was going on. They had started digging a tunnel out, and I was only too happy to help them.

As I was pounding the wall, my friends and I were all moved to another cave all at once. I grew mad, and Hagrox said that he thought Quelrun and Duke Rezohodo were close. Only when I tried a full backswing did I notice I had grown back to full size and shape. Aedra bitched at me, but I ignored her. I had to get to the other minotaur. I had to free them! Drixson was able to squeeze himself through a hole in the wall to start connecting us to them.

But Shyrrik calmed me, helping me to realize we would do that. It would just take some time. Aedra and Ejnar floated up and away out of the hole. They found a hut for us to dig in, and Hagrox started the way up. I helped finish, making sure to put the dirt away from the hole.

Then Aedra argued with Ejnar and…well, just about everyone about what to do next. We attracted two goat man guards, and Ejnar went down the hole to hide and help out in the escape. I tried wrapping one up when he opened the door; Shyrrik shot him full of arrows while Yablo scooted out the door to get next to the other one. Aedra managed to convince the guards not to attack us, and I started playing dumb.

Yes, playing.

I had to stall, and I did the only thing I could think to do. Fortunately, it worked well enough. Two more guards came over, and Aedra managed to convince the ones talking with us to fight again. But one of the newcomers hit me pretty bad, and I tried limping away, only to get hit again. It was good that tentacles came out of the ground to keep the new goat men held. Shyrrik and Yablo killed two of the three, and the tentacles finished off a third. The last one, who I had been talking with, ran off to fight some other guards around the castle.

Then Duke Rezohodo, Quelrun, and the dwarves we were trapped with showed up with Drixson and Ejnar. I had to get my idols weapons, and I had to do it quickly.

As I ran around, I felt a surge of smart run through me. I had flashes of things I could do: ways to make everyone around me better able to take damage, to see things I couldn’t normally, and to let people take as much damage as they get dished out to them for a minute or so before healing them.

But I could also see the need to scout things out as quick as possible. To make a plan and have it happen. I am doing my best, and I hope Duke Rezohodo and Quelrun are proud of me. They will see I can be smart. And I will make sure Quelrun is still not disgraced.

I want to survive, but I want them to live even more.


Mindosia Puldren